About Our Campus

Currently, our research projects embrace seven broad areas. These areas are the foundations for our Research Collaboration Groups: Examining Alternative Technologies for Learning, Exploring Human Health Sociologies, Investigating Learning Behaviors, Examining Business/Workplace Administrations and Business Career Preparations, Exploring Social/Economic Impacts on Learning, Investigating Internal Impacts on Learning and Learning Assessments, and Examining and Exploring Cultural Competence in the Workplace for the Purpose of Recruitment and Retention of Employees. In an effort to increase faculty awareness of scholarship and research, we offer encouragement and assistance to faculty who want to embark on a journey of discovery.

We invite you to explore our Hub to learn, to interact, and to be inspired. Doing so will help take the mystery out of the research process. So, click on and explore the various links.

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  • Calendar – Learn about upcoming events, and review exciting accounts of our past events.
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Then, take the first step into your own research journey by considering the following questions: What problems have you identified? What observations have you made? What are your passions?