Culture is viewed as a collective set of values and beliefs. These values and beliefs can be beneficial or a source of discourse in any community or workplace. Research and information is developed to determine solutions to cultural conflicts in society. It is important to provide and encourage constructive sources of information (through research) to improve societal issues.

This research community intends to be a resource on issues related to Cultural Conflict and Society with quantitative/ qualitative research projects, doctoral dissertations and other information.

Projects in Progress

Completed Presentations

  • Bynum, R., Ferguson, D., Lawrence, F., May, D., Priest, L., Delaney, R. (2017, March) “1967 President’s Commission- 50th Anniversary- Has Higher Education Met Its Obligation?” Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences conference. Kansas City.
  • Priest, L, Lawrence, F. , Nazon, M., Ferguson, D.,  Delaney, R. , Hawkins, D., McClure-  Moore, T., Bynum, R.  (2017, March) Cultural Conflict and Society research community. Knowledge Conference, UOPX Southern Arizona campus.
  • Bynum, R., Lawrence, F., Priest, L., Nazon, M. (2017, Jan) Philosophy of Punishment, Education and Cultural Conflict in Criminal Justice. American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences conference. Las Vegas.


  • Priest, Lorraine, Lawrence, Frederick, Delaney, Raymond, Hawkins, Donnetta,   Bynum, Ray (2017, Nov) Philosophy of Punishment, Justice, and Cultural Conflict in   Criminal Justice. Police Chief , International Association of Chiefs of Police (pending    review)
  •    Priest, L., Lawrence, F., Ferguson, D., May, D., and Bynum, R., (Fall, 2016) “1967 President’s Commission: Has Higher Education Met Its Obligation in Reducing Cultural Conflict in Criminal Justice and Society?” Southern Arizona Intercollegiate Journal, pp. 43-49
  • Lawrence, F. Priest, L., Delaney, R., And Bynum, R. 2016 (Nov/ Dec, 2016) Parity issues in criminal justice. American Jails. P. 35-40.
  • Delaney, R. Ferguson, D., Nazon, M. & Bynum, R. (2016, May/ June) Reentry and offenders with special needs: mental illness and addressing criminogenic needs. American Jails. American Jail Association. P. 20- 25.   
  • Delaney, R, Lawrence, F, Priest, L. & Bynum, R. (2015, Nov/ Dec) Cultural conflict in corrections: A review. American Jails. American Jail Association. P. 30-35.
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  • Delaney, R., Gordon, P, Lawrence, F. Priest, L. & Bynum, R. (2015, March/ April)     Parity issues and attrition: The study. American Jails.  American Jail Association. P. 58 - 61

Completed Dissertations


Cultural Conflict in the Workplace Research Community