COVID-19 Content Collection

This page will collect all of the COVID-19 content across the research centers. If you would like your content added to this page please email it to and copy your Research Center Chair.

Please see the descriptions below for links to individually created content.



Dr. Rodney Luster's four part blog "The Psychological Shift: Dealing with Rapid Onset of Change and the COVID-19 Response"

Dr. Erik Bean's blog post "Immediacy in the online classroom: A prudent requirement before, during, and after COVID-19"

Dr. Jose Garza's blog post "Tips for Families with Loved Ones in Assisted Living During COVID-19"

Dr. Kebritchi's blog post "Conducting social science research in the age of social distancing and work from home"

Dr. Rominger's blog post "A teachable moment for Counselor Education"

Dr. Taurus Jackson's blog post "COVID-19: Reshaping How We Work and Learn Remotely"

Dr. Fortune Taylor's blog post "Social Distancing and its Implications for Conducting Research Related to COVID19"

Dr. Marguerite Dominguez blog post "Top 5 Tips to Minimize Confusion in your Online Classroom"

Dr. Medgar Roberts' blog post "The Answer is Educational Technology"

Dr. Cassandra Smith's blog post "Responding to COVID-19 Crisis: Working Remotely"

Dr. Simone Arnold's blog post "Caring for a Special Needs Child During the Crisis"

Dr. Simone Arnold's blog post "The Culture of Preparedness"