Conference Presentations


The College of Doctoral Studies wishes to thank all presenters for their professionalism and sharing of knowledge at this unique event.

The following is a list of presenters who have offered to share their conference powerpoints.

2021 Presenters Powerpoints

Patricia Akojie, Shawishi Haynes, Myrene Magabo, Margo Patterson, Rheanna Reed, Louise Underdahl and Tanyetta White- Promoting Industry Alignment Within EdD Curriculum Development:Best Practices

Nagham Alsamari-Elementary Teacher' Perception of their Workload During the COVID-19 School Closure: An Exploratory Case Study

Christa Banton- Faculty Support During a Pandemic

Tina Bernard- Metacognitive Pedagogy Deficiency

June Cade, Francis Wardle, and Jan Otter-Quality Early Care and Learning: Exploring Child-Centered Pedagogy: A Qualitative Multi-Case Study

Ricahrd Bowman and Rosalie Lopez-Effective Educational Approaches Related to Generational Differences

Petula Brown and Frederick Lawrence-The Perceived Value of Alternative Credentials to the University of Phoenix

Cheryl Burleigh, Andrea Wilson, and Erik Bean- Public K-12 Education Response to Serving Special Education Students During COVID: A Content Analysis

Cheryl Burleigh, Patricia Steele, Maragaret Kroposki, Sherrye Smith and Dar Murray- Coaching of Higher Education Faculty:Qaulity and Timeliness of Feedback

June Cade, Francis Wardle and Jan Otter- Quality Early Care and Learning:  Exploring Child-Centered Pedagogy A Qualitative Multi-Case Study

Jan Cardwell and Renee Green- Project 2021: Reimaging African American Women in Senior Level Leadership - post COVID 19

Phil Davidson- Mini-certification to Enhance Faculty Engagement and Professional Development: A Mixed-Method study

Jessica Flores- Innovative Practice Discussion Considerations: Giving Adults an Opportunity to Learn How to Love Better

Miriam Frolow, Elizabeth Perry, and Joey Jackson - Religious Identification and Discrimination in the Workplace: An Exploratory Feasability Study

Alfreda Goods-Future Leaders' Ethical Behavior Development Using Boricua College's Affective Development Model: A Holistic Single-Case Study

Joshua Hadnot-Performance, Morale, & Job Satisfaction in Law Enforcement with Autocratic Leadership: A Modified Delphi Study

Tonya Hassell and Roxanne Williams-Triangulation Without Strangulation

Les Huffman and Steven Campas Jr.-Senior Ranking Police Officers, Perception of Evidence-Based Policing and Police Fatalities A Narrative Study

Norris Krueger- The New Normal-From Job Takers to Job Makers

Mansureh Kebritchi and team-Strategies for Enhancing Students’ Online Work Skills on the Post Pandemic: A Mixed Methods Study

Stephanie Holden, Cathy Lalley- Cardiovascular disease and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM): A mixed-methods study

Chaava MacDonaldThe Impact of COVID-19 on k-12 Teaching and Learning in the Virtual Environment

Jeff Levinson-Instructional Strategies Used to Reduce the Career-Readiness Skills Gap

Mark McCaslin-Practical and Applied Approach for Solving Immediate and Local Problems

Cheryl Miller-Exploring Video-Assisted Technology Use: A Qualitative Multi-Case Study

Paula MillerLatest Exercise Research with the Transtheoretical Model for Behavior Change

LauraAnn Migliore-Nolan and Erik Bean-Hindsight is 20/20: Prudent advice to self, if I knew then what I know now.

Subhashis NandyDiversity In Corporate Executive Governing Boards: Did Leadership of Corporate America Change Between 2011 and 2021?

Pablo Rodriguez-Perceptions of IT Decision-Makers on the Use of Domain Name Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

Jennifer Sagon-Taeza, Patricia Akojie, Susan Steele-Moses, and Louise Underdahl- The Value of History Curricula:  An Exploratory Case Study

Jane Schumaker, India Brown, Zalika Etienne, and Robin Martin- Hear Our Voices

Melissa Shank-Evidence-based classroom management preparation for novice teachers: A descriptive case study

Leo May Shoatz-The Relationship Between Intercultural Sensitivity and Organizational Culture In  Higher Education: A Correlational Study

Patricia Thomas- Factors Contributing to Promotion of Female U.S. Air Force Field Grade Officers: A Narrative Inquiry