Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

This section of the site is geared toward business and community leaders who are interested in partnering with the University of Phoenix (UOPX) to conduct research or improve knowledge of research practices in your own organization.

The School of Advanced Studies (SAS) and Office of Scholarship Support (OSS) are working to expand our mission. Where in the past we served faculty and students directly and served the community indirectly as a research institution, we are engaging in research efforts with third-party organizations. This enables us to provide our faculty and students more opportunity for innovative research experiences, while directly supporting the greater research community.

Some things to consider:

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About Community Engagement with UOPX

We refer to relationships with University of Phoenix faculty and staff as internal. Partnerships beyond those faculty and student relationships fostered within our educational ecosystem are referred to as external. Community partnerships are where the internal and external comingle to foster innovation and growth.

Getting Involved in UOPX Research

There are four ways we invite others to engage with our research teams:

Join a Research Center 

Non-UOPX Affiliates are able to join our Research Centers (with Chair approval) and are also able to participate in fellowships.

Partner with UOPX to Initiate and Conduct Research

This includes data-based studies, relying on our internal data to complete research, as well as community partner need-based studies.

Partner with UOPX for Professional Development, and Research Development and Training

To aide with research development, our Knowledge Without Boundaries Academy framework is available. Training on Boyer's Model and extended research and scholarship support are also available.


We are always looking for new ways to partner with organizations beyond our own. If your organization has a need outside of those listed here, please reach out to us to discuss.

Examples of Partnerships to Date

A variety of community parnerships are currently in the works, with details forthcoming. One example is our recent partnership with the University of Michigan: Researchers examined data on more than 2,000 algebra instructors at University of Phoenix. Results were published in the Chronicle of Higher Education and EdNext.

Community Partnership Interest Form

Please provide additional information about your interest in partnering with UOPX for research.