About COR

About COR

All research involving University staff, students, faculty, or data requires Committee on Research (CR) approval prior to Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval.

Researchers interested in conducting research on or with UOPX samples, topics, or data must submit an application to the Committee on Research. Although COR has been around since 2009, the application process was recently revised to meet the growth of the University as a leading institution in applied and online education research. 

What is the goal of the Committee on Research?

The goal of the Committee on Research (COR) is to facilitate meaningful, high-quality research with University of Phoenix topics, samples, and/or data in order to further the mission and vision of the University.  

What is the purpose of the Committee on Research?

The University must protect its proprietary information and the privacy of its students, faculty, and employees, as well as manage the frequency in which they are contacted.  Therefore, the institution must strategically manage the research being conducted to provide maximum protection for all constituencies.  The Committee on Research serves two purposes:

  1. COR is responsible for the review and approval of any and all research and scholarship, for public dissemination conducted on University of Phoenix students, faculty, staff, or data.  Applications will be considered based on accessibility and permissibility of data/sample requested, methodological rigor, and potential for scholarly and pedagogical contribution.  
  2. COR supports meaningful, high-quality research through establishing relationships between the University and researchers.  If a research study is of interest, COR will facilitate connections between our research centers and internal stakeholders.  

Who is required to have Committee on Research approval?

Any researcher, internal or external to the University, using the University of Phoenix as a subject (i.e. using UOPX students, faculty, staff, or data) for their research must have an approved study plan on file with CR before starting data collection if the research activities of an individual or organization fall within any of the following criteria:

  • When the person or group wanting to perform the research has no active affiliation  with the University of Phoenix (e.g. a professional researcher connected to a higher education organization other than UOPX), and/or
  • When the research being pursued falls outside the UOPX person’s  normal scope of responsibility or authority, and/or
  • When the results of the research being pursued will be provided to a person, organization, or audience external to the University and/or when the provision of this information would fall outside standard institutional processes and/or the normal responsibilities for the person or group doing the research.
Research for purposes of this policy is defined as: scholarly and scientific inquiry projects focused upon the collection and analysis of empirical data and facts.
If you are not sure if you need COR, reach out to us or submit for a feasibility review.  Studies that do not need COR approval, identified during the feasibility review, will receive an exempt letter and researchers do not need to complete the COR process.

Who oversees the Committee on Research?  

Members: The Committee on Research is led by Chair, Dr. Rodney Luster, Director of Research Communications and Chair of the Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research.  Committee members include all active University Research Center Chairs and a representative from UOPX legal.  As needed due to study demands, additional internal stakeholders will be asked to provide insight and/or guidance.   A program manager in the Office of Scholarship Support provides program assistance.  

Contact: Review the FAQs before emailing.  For all other questions regarding COR, email the support inbox at: cor@phoenix.edu.  


Approval and Funding Infographic

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