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FGU Alumni - Organizational Change Management and Management Consulting Trends
Guam's Food System and The Need for Sustainability Farming As A Means of Improving Population Health (A Mini-Confer
The Impact of the Gulf War immigration on Jordan’s Economy and its Information Technology (IT) Sector This publication has been peer reviewed.
Employer perceptions, preferences, and hiring practices of military personnel
Sartre y la disolución de la filosofía de la subjetividad This publication has been peer reviewed.
“Considering Identity: An Integrative Approach to Teaching Fledgling”
Being and Time and the Care for the Self This publication has been peer reviewed.
Panama's Next Generation Educators & Ethical Dynamics
Creative Leadership in Saving the Baltic Environment and Power Development
CEO Roundtable Moderator
UOP Cultural Conflict and Society Research Community
Phoenicia under the Achaemenid Empire This publication has been peer reviewed.
Heidegger, Idle Talk, and Discourse
Self Care Workshop for Advocates
Assessment Strategies in Online and Hybrid Courses
Non-Traditional Facilitation Methods for Non-Traditional Students
Virtual Research Teams: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
Creativity and the Enlightened Pen, Research for both sides of the brain
The Web-Based Creativity Model©: A New Approach for Creativity Integration to Achieve Industry and Learning-Organization This publication has been peer reviewed.
Improving Learner’s participation in Science through Information and Computer Literacy: A Multicentric Approach, Univers