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Hispanic Career Success: The Role of Acculturation This publication has been peer reviewed.
Creating MENA- The Middle East and North Africa Forum, Diversity and Inclusion at Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH)
Student Learning or the Student Experience: The Shift from Traditional to Non-Traditional Faculty in Higher Education
Racial Identity Development Critique: A Way of Reading and Writing African American Literature
Brain Based Learning and Integrated Technology
Relationships Among Negotiator Adaptive Behaviors, Success of Negotiations, and the Degree of Friendliness of Dispute-Re
Employer perceptions, preferences, and hiring practices of military personnel
How to conduct a program Review
1967 President’s Commission: Has Higher Education Met Its Obligation in Reducing Cultural Conflict in Criminal Justice a
Managing Amid Perception: Wine Price-Point Considerations in Several States in the USA
Advanced library skills self-study effectiveness for online doctoral students
From the Laboratory to the Classroom
Making Organizations Meaningful to Young Adults with ADHD
What does Reentry looks like in the community?
Creativity and the Enlightened Pen, Research for both sides of the brain
Inclusive Leadership Lessons from #YesAllWomen Narratives
Balancing Employee Empowerment Using the Myers- Briggs Type Instrument.
La apropiación crítica de la fenomenología husserliana This publication has been peer reviewed.
The relationship between emotional intelligence and successful sales performance in the Puerto Rico market This publication has been peer reviewed.
Racial Identity Development Criticism: Reframing Racial Discourse in the Classroom