CDS Student Coffee Chat

The College of Doctoral Studies Student Coffee Chat (SCC) is a virtual, bi-monthly event aimed at fostering student success. Each session includes a lively discussion, with like-minded people, for inspiration and guidance as you advance within your program and beyond. SCC topics are announced approximately one month beforehand, so please visit this page often!


Saturday, May 21, 2022 (9:00 am Phoenix time)

"Imposter Syndrome"

Pour your favorite beverage and get ready! Our topic for May will focus on a phenomenon that impacts many in higher education: Imposter Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome (IS) is a pattern where one often questions the validity of personal successes and accomplishments and has a persistent, internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud” or belief that successes are attributed only to luck or timing. Many in academics, students and faculty alike, note constant struggles with IS, and it is far more common that we think. This session will explore the links of IS to perfectionism and other crippling behaviors, such as avoidance and procrastination. We will also examine strategies to overcome IS and thrive as competent and capable students, scholars, and practitioners.

"Chatters" for this session include Rodney Luster, Kimberly Underwood and YOU!!

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