Call for Fellows

Call for Fellows

Welcome and thank you for your interest in applying to become a research fellow for the Center for Healthcare Research. Please use the links listed below to review the Call for Fellows. 

If, after reviewing this guide in full, you have questions, please contact the Research Chair for this Center directly. 


The Center will serve as the departmental home for faculty and students who have an expressed interest or have a research agenda in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. This includes those interested in the pursuing intellectual inquiry regarding one or more of the following key segments of the global healthcare ecosystem: (i) patients, (ii) providers, (iii) payers, (iv) pharmaceuticals, (v) pharmacies, and (vi) policymakers.

The Center is a place where students and faculty will find the collegiality and socialization necessary for an advanced community of learning. Research will be cultivated and supported in a variety of ways through direct affiliation with the Center and its research agenda, including research contributions as an editorial board member, one of the selected Research Fellows, a Grant recipient, or another scholarly contribution.

Chairs are responsible for developing their center’s charter, strategic mission and vision, research goals, operations, and participation.


Opportunity for Involvement

Apply to Become a Center Research Fellow

Center fellows are critical to the Center’s success. The Center will be offering grants to fund center research fellows. These fellows will serve as lead faculty in the further development of the research agendas emanating from the Center for Healthcare Research. Selection of fellows will be done via a multi-stage process. For consideration you will need to submit a one-page proposal as well as your vitae. If selected, you will be asked to submit a full proposal stemming from an interview with the Center Chair. 

The Fellowship will be $14,000 total paid in $5,000, $5,000, $4,000: (1) upon approval of the application, (2) upon submission of the completed research to a peer-reviewed journal for publication, and (3) upon final acceptance for publication. These steps will be under the mentorship of each Center’s Research Chair.

Additional funds are available for those who apply and qualify for the research presentation award (with chair approval).

Become a Center Affiliate

As a center affiliate you will have access to cutting-edge conversations with expert researchers, dissertation chairs, and emerging scholars in the fields of healthcare and life sciences. We believe that planning, preparing, and producing effective and efficient research studies are key steps toward dissemination. Therefore, we seek to lead the way toward creating and disseminating healthcare research for the purposes of your professional development and advancement

As a Center affiliate you will have opportunities to develop your research skills and publication abilities. Within the Open Forum you can join and contribute to the evolving conversations surrounding the Center’s purpose including:

  • To inspire, support, and guide experienced and aspiring researchers in the fields of healthcare research, teaching and learning in higher education
  • To deliver quality training programs and resources that encourage and expand the capacity of experienced and aspiring researchers in the fields of healthcare and life sciences
  • To provide resources for planning, preparing and producing publishable and/or presentable research findings toward the promotion of best practices in the fields of healthcare and life sciences
  • To provide professional development seminars from leaders in the field aimed at advancing your professional life

As a Center affiliate you will have access and opportunities to contribute to Healthcare and Lifesciences Quarterly, a quarterly communication and engagement vessel centered on best practices, innovative thinking, translational research, and applied theoretical models stemming from Center themes

Enable Research Dissemination through Contributor Conversations

  • The Center Chair and research fellows welcome emerging ideas, white papers, and manuscripts from center affiliates aimed at advancing and extending the Center’s mission. To the extent possible, this activity is designed to generate conversations and engagement that ultimately leads to peer-reviewed presentations and publications
  • Working Paper Series is aimed at advancing the professional lives of graduating doctoral candidates as well as their dissertation chair. This Series will be edited by the Center Chair and advisory/editorial board. The purpose of the Series is to provide a container to publish and disseminate the research studies being produced at University of Phoenix and to serve as a springboard for future publications in peer-reviewed journals


Research Agenda, Research Design and Methodological Innovations

To learn more about this Center's research agenda, click here.

Innovative Design and Methodological Practices

  • Seeking innovative contributions (papers and presentations) to new and modified research designs stemming from active research projects or dissertation research
  • Seeking papers and presentations discussing innovative methodological practices and procedures (i.e., recruitment, data analysis, writing up results) stemming from active research projects or dissertation research

Dissertation Research

Looking for papers and presentations from dissertation chairs discussing innovative approaches to leading dissertation research.


Encouraging papers from current and/or recent graduates. These papers will serve as a career stepping stone by way of establishing a publication record. The Center chair and editorial/advisory board will work with these emerging scholars toward publishing their research. Small stipends are available for students, alumni, and faculty who present research in a peer-reviewed venue. In addition, some financial resources are available for faculty for publishing in accepted peer-reviewed publications.


Shovel Ready Projects

  • How to increase and optimize collaboration among patients, providers, payers, pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, and policy-makers (i.e., the 6Ps) in the healthcare ecosystem
  • How to leverage Big Data to improve healthcare quality, access, and affordability
  • An institutional theory perspective on how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical trials
  • The role of open innovation in the drug discovery, development and deployment processes
  • Diversity and inclusion as sources of sustainable competitive advantage for healthcare organizations


Request for Fellow Proposals

The Center for Healthcare Research is accepting center affiliates from University faculty interested in investigating topics within the Center’s Research Agenda. If you have questions please contact the Center.

A qualified candidate should be a University of Phoenix faculty member with at least a master’s degree. To apply as a research affiliate, submit the following documents to

Fellow Application

Center Affiliate Application

Research Center Affililate Application PDF