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Marketing on the Internet: An Online Course to Merge Marketing Theory and Systems Development This publication has been peer reviewed.
Creating Your Personal Brand -
The effect of Joint Commission International standards on hospital quality performance: A longitudinal study.
Is it Factor Accumulation or Total Factor Productivity Explaining the Economic Growth in ECOWAS? An Empirical Assessment
Executive Compensation and Company Performance Changes During the Era of Say-on-Pay
"Pursuing a Career in Today's Volatile Employment Environment
Webcams in virtual teams: Perceptions of impact on interactions and effectiveness
Performance Based Executive Compensation Model
Compensating Executives Based on Performance This publication has been peer reviewed.
Leading in the Global Environment
Elevating Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
Trust in Union Leaders and Decline in Union Membership.
The Yoo 2000 Torture Memorandum, Abu Ghraib, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Judicial Charismatic Leadership Mod
Book Chapter Review: of A Guide to Study Skills and Careers in Criminal Justice and Public Security
America's Oddest Couple: Labor and Management This publication has been peer reviewed.
Entrepreneurial Intentions Are Dead: Long Live Entrepreneurial Intentions This publication has been peer reviewed.
Decision Making Model for the Emerging Nanotechnologies at 46th International Symposium on Microelectronics, Orlando, FL
The technology adoption process model and self-efficacy of distance education students This publication has been peer reviewed.
The Case for Including Economic Thought in the Education of Business Students
Towards a theoretical model of the impacts of incorporating webcams in virtual teams This publication has been peer reviewed.