Call for Fellows

Call for Fellows

Welcome and thank you for your interest in applying to become a research fellow for the Center for Management and Entrepreneurship. Please use the links listed below to review the Call for Fellows. 

If, after reviewing this guide in full, you have questions, please contact the Research Chair for this Center directly. 

CME Call for Fellows Overview

The Center will serve as the departmental home for faculty and students who have an expressed interest or research agenda in main disciplines of management and entrepreneurship. The research domain in Management and Entrepreneurship includes a variety of topics that may be categorized into SIX tracks: (i) Innovation (ii) Strategy, (iii) Human resources, (iv) Operations, (v) Entrepreneurship, and (vi) Spirituality or business ethics.

The Center is a place where students and faculty will find the collegiality and socialization necessary for an advanced community of learning. Research will be cultivated and supported in a variety of ways through direct affiliation with the Center and research agenda; including research contributions as one of the selected Research Fellows, Research Affiliates, an editorial board member, a Grant recipient, or another scholarly contribution.

Chairs are responsible for developing their center’s charter, strategic mission and vision, research goals, operations, and participation. The Center for Management & Entrepreneurship (CM&E) is led by associate university research chair Brian W. Sloboda, Ph.D..

Opportunity for Involvement

Apply to Become a Center Fellow

Research fellows are critical to the CME’s success. The Center will be offering grants to fund center research fellows. These fellows will serve as lead faculty in the further development of the research agendas as it pertains to management and entrepreneurship. Selection of fellows will be done via a multi-stage process. For consideration you will need to submit a one-page proposal as well as your vitae. If selected, you will be asked to submit a full proposal after an interview with the Center Chair.  Once the proposal is approved, the research fellow will commence on work of their research. The fellowship will be awarded for one year from the approval date.  The end goal for this Fellowship is submission of the completed research to a peer-reviewed journal for publication with a final acceptance for publication. These steps will be under the mentorship of each Center’s Research Chair.

The deadline for the initial research proposal is January 12, 2018.  Please submit all application materials to

Additional funds are available for those who apply and qualify for the research presentation award (with chair approval).

Become a Center Affiliate

  • As a center affiliate you will have access to cutting-edge conversations with expert researchers, dissertation chairs, practitioners, and emerging scholars in SIX disciplinary tracks: (i) Innovation, (ii) Strategy, (iii) Human resources, (iv) Operations, (v) Entrepreneurship, and (vi) Spirituality or business ethics
  • As a center affiliate you will have opportunities to develop your research skills and publication abilities. Also, you can contribute to the evolving conversations surrounding the Center’s purpose
  • The Center welcomes emerging ideas, white papers, and manuscripts from center affiliates aimed at advancing and extending the Center’s mission

Become a member of the Center Advisory/Editorial Board

Put your experiences and expertise to work on behalf of the Center’s mission. Center Advisory Committee members will take an active role in shaping the Center’s agenda, guaranteeing its relevance for advancing the professional lives of center members, and in ensuring the quality of its products and programs. You will have ample opportunities at the Center to contribute to leading-edge research interests in cross-disciplinary research as well as disciplinary research in any of the SIX disciplinary tracks: (i) Innovation, (ii) Strategy, (iii) Human resources, (iv) Operations, (v) Entrepreneurship, and (vi) Spirituality or business ethics.

Shovel Ready Projects

Shovel-ready projects are works-in-progress at the center that you may join in. Alternatively, you may begin with a novel idea in any of the SIX disciplinary tracks: (i) Innovation, (ii) Strategy, (iii) Human resources, (iv) Operations, (v) Entrepreneurship, and (vi) Spirituality or business ethics. You may select one of these shovel ready projects to begin your research and participate in the center:

  1. Factors promoting and inhibiting open innovation in Business-University R&D collaborations (e.g., enhanced tax subsidies for R&D)
  2. Regional or national differences in the adoption of open innovation models in business-university R&D collaborations
  3. Influencing factors for career choices in social venturing
  4. Human resource management issues in bottom of the pyramid markets
  5. Replicating studies in other settings to broaden the generalizability of the findings
  6. Investigating the effectiveness of other pedagogical tools to teach quantitative operations management tools and techniques
  7. In-sourcing of operational processes for financial, operational and strategic considerations
  8. Trade-offs between strategic and operational performance criteria in outsourcing decisions in operations

Center Affiliate Application

The Center for Management and Entrepreneurship is accepting center affiliates from University faculty interested in investigating topics within the Center’s Research Agenda. If you have questions please contact the Center at

A qualified candidate should be a University of Phoenix faculty member with at least a master’s degree.

Research Center Affililate Application PDF