Research Fellows

Research Fellows

Dr. Daniel J. Smith offers more than 10 years of applied learning analytics and health care industry leadership work experience, with a focus in health care clinical workforce administration.

His current role is with a large health care organization in the Midwest, which is one the largest not-for-profit health care organizations in the United States. He currently has a leadership role with the organization in which he oversees nearly all aspects of the clinical workforce, including mergers and acquisitions, clinical productivity oversight, strategic growth of service lines, domestic utilization of services, and other aspects of physician and advanced practice practitioner administration. In this role, he oversees two others in the organization. As a key component of this, Dr. Smith is responsible for organization-wide learning analytics for the organization.

Prior to Mercy Health, Dr. Smith worked for a large health care organization in the Southwest in which he was a “data scientist.” In this role, he mostly focused on managing the administrative aspects of the clinical workforce, but also provided analytical insights into clinical quality and the integration of the clinical workforce across a continuum of clinical services. Dr. Smith also has experience in Fortune 500 retail and insurance industries. 

In addition to these applied roles, Dr. Smith also has taught various levels of statistics, research, and content courses for several institutions since 2005. Also, for three years, he served as the Director of Research Quality and Analytics, overseeing all aspects of doctoral research for a very large doctorate granting institution. At the University of Phoenix, for several years he has been a faculty member teaching MBA courses, a dissertation chair and committee member, and also a Research Fellow in the Center for Healthcare Research within the UOP School of Advanced Studies. He also was the lead subject matter expert during the creation of a new undergraduate actuarial degree program at the University of Phoenix.

He has the MBA in Management and PhD from Arizona State University. 

Helen Zaikina-Montgomery, PhD

Employer / Organization: 
Northcentral University

LauraAnn Migliore, PhD

Employer / Organization: 
University of Phoenix
Position Held: 
Dissertation Chair, Associate Faculty