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Ada in Process Control
Hugs not Drugs
Development of the Board Certified Human Services Practitioner Certification: Analysis of Normative Data
Course Length Recommendations in Online Higher Education This publication has been peer reviewed.
Computing Program Alignment (in the undergraduate, military setting)
Motivational effects of instructor trustworthiness in virtual learning teams.
Leading Innovation in Higher Education via BlackBoard Ultra LMS Technology"
Prevalent leadership characteristics among principals/lead teachers in alternative education programs for at-risk youth
Early Alert System for Online Students
Evaluation of student outcomes based on course duration in online higher education.
Biology in the Agriculture Classroom: A Descriptive Comparative Study. This publication has been peer reviewed.
Success factors in correctional academic and vocational education
Retention Rates: Student Success Relating to Freshman Seminar and Developmental Courses
Beyond the Literal Student Microtransformations in ESL Classrooms This publication has been peer reviewed.
Counselor identity: A five-year review of dissertation content as indicators of counselor educators
Improving language, using technology and impacting educational goals: A summer program for migrant students.
Turning Your Research Into Scholarship
Improving Online Library Experiences: A Demo of the New University of Phoenix Library and Discussion of Best Practices
The Indispensable Truth of Yoga: Authentic Leading and Learning for Inspiring Performance
The principles of an effective alternative school.