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Career path analysis in assessment of scholarship to work focus for practitioner doctorates
Mobile Technology and the Employee-Customer-Profit Chain
Turning Vision into Second Life Reality: A Conceptual Model of Avatar-Mediated Leadership Behaviors
Unbiased Thinking
Early Alert System (EAS) in Online Education: Student Demographic Profile This publication has been peer reviewed.
Programs that help inmates stay out of prison
What is a MOOC? An analysis of Massive Open Online Courses as defined by the news media.
Preventing scope creep in your research [Web log post] This publication has been peer reviewed.
Improving Online Library Experiences: A Demo of the New University of Phoenix Library and Discussion of Best Practices
A Case Study of the Factors that Influence Brazilian Students' Acquisition of the English Language
The intersection of corporate governance practices and national culture in emerging markets
Supplier Diversity: Economic Impact through Job Creation in Healthcare
Are leaders in effective alternative education programs setting a precedence?
Inaugural World Congress Communique This publication has been peer reviewed.
University Students’ Changing Views of Information and Communication Technology: A Longitudinal Study of Technological S
Metamorphic Stages in the Development of Unbiased Thinking: Content Analysis
Myth Busters: The Truth about Time Requirements for Teaching Online
Trauma Impacted Children
Developing a scholarly culture among adjunct and associate faculty
Crafting a campus identity: First-year students, residential life, and social networking/