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CLAR Call for Fellows


Faculty with research interests in 

Chairs are responsible for developing their center’s charter, strategic mission and vision, research goals, operations, and participation. 

To learn more about the Center's Mission, Vision and Goals, please visit the Center homepage.

Opportunity for Involvement

Apply to Become a Center Research Fellow

Center fellows are critical to the Center’s success. The Center will be offering grants to fund center research fellows. These fellows will serve as lead faculty in the further development of the research agendas emanating from the Center for Behavioral Health Research. Selection of fellows will be done via a multi-stage process. For consideration you will need to submit a one-page proposal as well as your vitae. If selected, you will be asked to submit a full proposal stemming from an interview with the Center Chair. The Fellowship will be $14,000 total paid in $5,000, $5,000, $4,000: (1) upon approval of the application, (2) upon submission of the completed research to a peer-reviewed journal for publication, and (3) upon final acceptance for publication. These steps will be under the mentorship of each Center’s Research Chair.

Additional funds are available for those who apply and qualify for the research presentation award (with chair approval).

Additional Opportunities

Become a Center Affiliate

As a center affiliate you will have access to cutting-edge conversations with expert researchers, dissertation chairs, and emerging scholars. As a center affiliate you will have opportunities to develop your research skills and publication abilities.

Enable Research Dissemination through Contributor Conversations

The Center Chair and research fellows welcome emerging ideas, white papers, and manuscripts from Center affiliates aimed at advancing and extending the Center’s mission. To the extent possible, this activity is designed to generate conversations and engagement that ultimately leads to peer-reviewed presentations and publications.

Request for Fellow Proposals

Please download the Fellow Application for this Center and then email the completed application to

Fellow Application