Leadership Perspectives

Leadership Perspectives is an archive of video interviews with leaders on various topical matter that is current and salient for our doctoral leaerners who may be interested in directions regarding areas of study within theor dissertations, and for faculty who might be interested in exploring the possibilities of topics for future research.

Each interview is based on a specific topic and videos are typically 30 minutes in length. For 2021 we begin with our first topic on leadership and will be addressing contemporary and cutting edge issues that should prove not only compelling but research-worthy for explorative potentials. Interviews are led by Dr. Erik Bean and Dr. Rodney Luster for the Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research.

Leadership Perspectives Interviews-2021

Januray 2021-Mis-Leadership - Mis-leadership is the phrase coined by Dr. Mark McCaslin, who is a noted author, researcher and academic leader. In these times of strained leadership where leaders have been challenged by a variety of social ingressions, we look at the depths of leadership and how leaders can sometimes veer off the path, the possibilities for understanding the phenomenon and areas for exploration.