Research Agenda

Research Agenda


As we circle around the object of inquiry, we look at it again and again. Another word carries the flavor of repeated looking: respect. When we respect someone or something, we look again (re-spect), we pay special attention, we honor.

~~ Braud, W., & Anderson, R. (p. 26. 1998)

This page lists current projects that CLSOR will be embarking apon in 2023. If you see a project that interests you please reach out for more information.


2023 Research Projects


Grant seeking-CDC-Funded research-close date Feb. 16-2022-Research Grants to Rigorously Evaluate Innovative and Promising Strategies to Prevent Firearm-
Related Violence and Injuries (R01) RFA-CE-23-006

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC, Injury Center) is soliciting investigator-initiated research to rigorously evaluate the effectiveness of innovative and promising strategies to prevent all forms of firearm- related violence and injuries. For the purposes of this announcement, firearm-related violence includes mass shooting incidents, other firearm homicides/assaults, firearm suicides/self-harm, unintentional firearm deaths and injuries, and firearm-related crime. The intent of this announcement is to support research to evaluate the effectiveness of strategies to keep individuals, families, schools, and communities safe from firearm-related violence, injuries, deaths, or crime.

Proposal underway. PI's-Donald Munday and Rodney Luster