Research Agenda

Research Agenda

As we circle around the object of inquiry, we look at it again and again. Another word carries the flavor of repeated looking: respect. When we respect someone or something, we look again (re-spect), we pay special attention, we honor.

~~ Braud, W., & Anderson, R. (p. 26. 1998)


The Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research approaches its mission in two parts.
  1. The ongoing offering of workshops and seminars on leadership and research as it relates to the professional development of UOPX faculty and students. 
  2. The creation of a laboratory that studies what works and why.


  • What we need: Your experiences, expertise and research interest, in shaping the research agendas of the Center.
  • What we are calling for: Research proposals across four related domains.
  • What we’re doing: Developing an increased understanding of the nature of practice-based programs of study as it relates to leadership, teaching, and the professional development (career development) for UOPX faculty and students.
  • How we’re doing it: CLSOR is being fashioned as a working laboratory, studying what works, and why, as we explore these domains together.  

Open Projects

  • The Working Doctorate: The Practitioner’s Pathway to Excellence
  • Scholarly Leadership: Putting Knowledge to Work in the World
  • Professional Development: The Transformative Engagement of Knowledge and Human Potential
  • Women and Leadership Research Group