Present, Publish, and Learn

Present, Publish, and Learn

Updated Dec/2022

Listed below are recommended conferences, associations, and publications that have been particularly open to newer researchers, writers, and presenters. In addition, below you will find several local and online (webinar) learning opportunities that are designed to help put your scholarly material into more publishable formats. If working on a journal article be aware that it is important to target the right publication and stay away from predator publishers.

Calls for proposals 2022-2023

The Association of Leadership Educators -2023 Association of Leadership Educators Annual Conference. Call for Proposals opens December 9th!

The International Leadership Association (ILA) also invites all those who are interested in leadership scholarship, leadership business, leadership education, public leadership, leadership development, and educational leadership to consider the many opportunities that support the research, publication, and presentation process. Many opportunities exist for networking applicable to most doctoral majors at the University of Phoenix.

2020 Recommended Leadership-Focused Conferences


Leadership Focused Publications

  • The Journal of Leadership Studies – Leadership Perspectives section. Editor, Dr. Erik Bean. Call for shorter peer-reviewed articles that imbue a sense of leadership immediacy and align with Boyers Model of Scholarship. For information on prospective submissions visit here.