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Lived experiences of male nurses: Dire consequences for the nursing profession This publication has been peer reviewed.
Freedom Forum First Amendment Center. Vanderbilt University. Nashville, Tennessee. Panel Discussion of “The Censorship
Math Curriculum Development and Alignment
The Power Collaboration: Transition and Transformation
Ability to Benefit
McCluskey, A forgotten sisterhood: Pioneering Black women educators and activists in the Jim Crow south This publication has been peer reviewed.
Police Suicide: Risk Factors and Intervention Measures
Neurological Advances in Brain Research: Memory and Learning: Implications for Course Design
Police Suicide Issues. Protect Your Life
A University of Phoenix Customer Experience Research Center Assessment Study
Intellectual Capital and the Value of the firm
Using Loop Learning and Critical Dialogue in Developing Innovative Literature Reviews This publication has been peer reviewed.
Finding the Art of the Possible: Generating Alternatives through Imagination
Pedagogical Possibilities: Reimagining Academic Landscapes Through Theater of Inclusion’s Adaptive Learning Practices
Counter-Terrorism Awareness Training
Evidence-based entrepreneurship: interdisciplinary and intergenerational innovation
Portraying Jesus as Human: The Last Temptation of Christ This publication has been peer reviewed.
Teachers Perceptions of Social Skills instruction for students with Aspergers Syndrome This publication has been peer reviewed.
No Adjunct Faculty Left Behind: Emerging Trends in Online Learning in the 21st Century
The Keys to Future STEM Careers: Basic Skills, Critical Thinking and Ethics