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Synergizing intergenerational entrepreneurship This publication has been peer reviewed.
The Use of WordPress in Online Focus Group Studies
Evaluation Process for the Capstone Project
Scholarship Challenge and the Detroit Action Research Project This publication has been peer reviewed.
A Culturally Responsive Approach to Education Success through Academic Collectivism This publication has been peer reviewed.
Civility Climate Effects on Patient and Employee Perceptions of Hospital Care Performance
Assessing and Addressing the Instructional Needs of Students that Utilize Nonstandard English for Subject-verb Agreement
Applying the Ethical Intent Matrix to For-Profit Institutions
Technology-enriched Learning Communities Creating Change for Improved Learning in Diverse Communities.
Leading systemic technology integration in schools: The role of school administrators as technology leaders.
Addressing Student Needs
Linkages and the Future of the College/University Library
Black Female Superintendents: History of Leadership in the Intersection of Race and Gender
Perceptions on Intelligence and Self-Efficacy: A Qualitative Study of Students Enrolled in Transitional Education Readin
Improving online student retention: Is there a formula for success?
“From Residential Treatment to Residence Life: Applicable Lessons in Mental Health”
Online Facilitation - Mentoring/Coaching to Reduce Transactional Distance
Change Management versus Organizational Change: Narrowing the Scholar-practitioner Divide
The Impact of Unresolved Childhood Trauma on Recovery
Distance education adoption patterns among post-secondary bricks-and-mortar institutions