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Chasing Financial Freedom - The Three Enemies
Evaluating Dispersed Generation Resources: Solar Inverters and MVAR Support
Thirty-Plus Lessons Learned from Thirty-Plus Years of Teaching!
The Semantic Web in Education
Enhancing the student experience through co-creation This publication has been peer reviewed.
Gestalt Assessment - The Big Picture - A Case Study
Institutional actions vs. factors influencing distance learning faculty: a delphi approach
Examining the impact of team dynamics on academic and professional performance: A cross-sectional study at three levels
Parenting Style and Generational Immigrant Status on African-American Immigrant Academic Success
What We Know about the Use of Semantic Web in Education and Where We Go from Here
Prospecting for Leaders in Educational Research by Forming a Community of Scholars
How personal and standardized coordination impact implementation of integrated care This publication has been peer reviewed.
Orchestrating change at colleges and universities
Effectively Leading Employees Diagnosed with PTSD
Exploring Emotional Intelligence among African American Senior Pastors
Stress Management for Leaders
Standing (Out)side of the Circle: The Politics of Identity and Leadership in the Life of a Black Lesbian Professor.
Midlife Ph.D. programs and minority students This publication has been peer reviewed.
Latina/o Student Perceptions of Post-Baccalaureate Education: Identifying Challenges to Increased Participation This publication has been peer reviewed.
Discerning Preceptor Transfer Techniques in an Ambulatory Surgery Center: A Single Exploratory Case Study