Call for Fellows

CHER Call for Fellows

Welcome and thank you for your interest in applying to become a research fellow at the Center for Health Engineering Research. Please use the links listed below to review the Call for Fellows. If, after reviewing this guide in full, you have questions, please contact the Associate Research Chair for this Center directly at

Call for Fellows Overview

The Center for Health Engineering Research (CHER)  invites faculty, students, and alumni to develop innovative health research expanding current paradigms of health, wellness, and healthcare system functioning. 


Opportunity for Involvement

Apply to Become a Center Research Fellow

Research Fellows are critical to the center’s success. These Fellows will serve as lead faculty in the further development of the research agendas emanating from the Center. Selection of Fellows will be done via a multistage process. For consideration, you will need to submit a one-page proposal as well as your vitae. 

Please contact the Associate University Research Chair for further information:

Become a Center Affiliate

CHER is the only Research Center designed to promote health scholarship. We are also the home to the only Special Interest Group (SIG) dedicated to research regarding Mental Health and Psychological Well-being.  As a CHER affiliate, you become a member of a cutting-edge community of health and mental health researchers advancing scholarship regarding the design, delivery, and access to healthcare systems; interdisciplinary applications of environmental, public, community, family, and individual health and wellness, and the promotion of mental health and psychological well-being. 

Within the Center, you can join and contribute to the evolving conversations surrounding the Center’s purpose, including:

  • Blogs are written by experienced and aspiring researchers in the field of health

  • Resources that encourage and expand the capacity of experienced and aspiring health researchers 

  • Resources and news about developments in the field

  • Professional development aimed at impacting your practice and advancing your professional life

Research Agenda

October 2017 Research Agenda

The Center for Health Engineering and Research (CHER) supports research that explores and promotes the design, delivery, and access to the full spectrum of physical, mental, and social well-being in the following ways:

I. CHER seeks to promote solution-based scholarship regarding the design, delivery, and access to healthcare systems. 

II. CHER seeks to support health research that advances the design, delivery, and access to of environmental, public, community, workplace, first responders, family, and individual health and wellness.

III. CHER seeks scholarship that promotes mental health and psychological well-being as integral components of health in the public and private sectors.

Request for Fellow Proposals

Fellow Application: Deadline, October 31, 2017

Phase I Application Requirements

The Phase I application should contain the following:

1. Completed the first page of the application including faculty contact information, topic area to be addressed with clear identification of the study goal or general aim of the project, and if the study will require data collection from human participants. NOTE: Any accepted proposal involving data collection from human participants requires Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval prior to beginning data collection, and may also require permission from the UOPX Committee on Research (COR).

2. A curriculum vitae.

3. A one-page overview, single-spaced description of study which includes:

  • The title of the study
  • Background rationale for the study
  • A description of the study approach
  • A description of the study setting and sample (research participants) or data source
  • The evaluation or data analysis plan
  • Any capacity building or partnering required (including the identification of partners)
  • A timeline for the study

All items should be delivered to the Associate Research Chair for review.

Funding Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible to be a Center Fellow, applicants should possess an earned doctorate degree, and be eligible as faculty in the School of Advanced Studies; preferably as a dissertation chair. In order to be eligible to receive funding and work with the center in a capacity other than a Center Research Fellow, all applicants for any proposal must be an active University of Phoenix faculty member (has taught in the last six months), have been a UOPX faculty member for at least six months, and be in good standing with his/her campus and college.