Where to Start: Affiliate Resources

As an Affiliate, there are a number of ways to advance your research interests and scholarly engagement.

Knowing where to start can be confusing. Do you want to conduct new research? Are you interested in collaborating? Need to brainstorm with colleagues?  Here are some ways Affiliates, Fellows, Faculty, and Alumni may connect with opportunities to advance your research ideas into engaged scholarship.

Your Professional Profile

Continue to update your profile as you attend conferences, present scholarship, and pursue publication.


One of the best ways to pursue ideas among health research colleagues is to write a short blog entry about your interests, process, or journey as a researcher. 300-500 words about your experience, interests, or a call for collaborators will be shared throughout CHNR and open opportunities for you to pursue future research relationships. See the tutorial: Adding a Blog to the Research Hub here.

Start a Lit Review Reading Group

Use the CHNR Forum to ask Affiliates who might be interested in starting a literature review reading group for publication as a systematic review in your area of interest. With 2-3 people on a team, divide and conquer to publication or presentation. See the current example at our Research Community SIG.

Thought Leading

Start a discussion, or pose a question on the Center Forum.


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