R2P Workshop Testimonials

Reviews by Research to Publication Participants – Spring 2022


Since completing my dissertation several years ago, I always knew that I wanted to publish my research findings but was not clear on how to get started. I jumped at the opportunity when I received an invitation to participate in the first session of the Research to Publication workshop. Throughout 5 weeks and under the guidance and support of Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi (University Research Chair) and my reviewer, Dr. Karen Johnson, I was able to follow the weekly manuscript preparation check list, select target journals, follow a procedure for pruning and summarizing the manuscript content and submit my manuscript to a journal, shortly after the workshop ended. I would not have reached this momentous milestone without attending the Research to Publication workshop.

Dr. Marcia Reid


The Research to Publication Workshop has been a delightful and valuable experience. I have had the great pleasure of meeting Dr. Kebritchi during her visit to the University of Phoenix Chicago campus 5-6 years ago. Her leadership in facilitating this workshop all these years is commendable. The content is brilliant and well-organized in a manner that directs the researcher step-by-step through the journal publishing process. Dr. Sandra Nunn has been an excellent resource working diligently with me every week. 

Dr. John Kautenberger


Dr. Kebritchi, Dr. Lawlor, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Underdahl and Dr. NUNN, sharing your knowledge with us on how to turn our research to publication is quite remarkable. Why? Not every great person wishes greatness for other people. For you to willingly and genuinely share your time and knowhow with us in the last six weeks is quite applaudable and rewarding. For me, the six weeks seem very intensive because of other commitments I had, however, “Dr. Kebritchi’s Tuesday” (my tag) was worth looking forward to. They were nights of learning, and reflection. Dr Underdahl made humbleness stuck in my memory, through her contributions and chat responses. The few times Dr. Lawlor and Dr. Johnson added their comments kind of epitomized dignity in academics. For Dr. Nunn, she was my pilot through my dissertation and she has remained that touchlight to success.

“Moving along” (If I can borrow Dr. Kebritchi line), I would like to note that the workshop made it clearer to me that knowledge is not wisdom.  The knowledge of researching into issue, topic or even having solutions to problems, does not necessarily translate into benefits until such is shared for the benefit of the people. R2P was a vehicle to share knowledge and the techniques employed at the workshop is the wisdom tree. Thank you all for your guidance.

Dr. Segun Agunbiade 


This program has been extremely beneficial to my professional development.  It has offered me the opportunity to learn how to share my research so that it is beneficial to the counseling community.  While in my doctoral program, I learned the components of being a good counselor educator.  I learned publication is an expectation of many programs and that it is important.  I learned how to develop and complete research that would add to the counseling profession.  However, how to effectively prepare and submit research for publication was not included in my learning.  I am appreciative of this program because it has added to the tools I have been given to be a successful and effective counselor educator.  The faculty assigned to work with me, Dr. Nunn, has been patient and knowledgeable.  When fear of the process gripped me, Dr. Nunn was encouraging and provided clear guidance which helped to alleviate my fear.  I have clarity and confidence because I participated in this program.

Dr. Andrea Ross


Thanks to all the organizers. At least now I have a good idea what steps I need to follow to publish my work! Thanks too to Sandy for her support!

Ed Naser (Audited Workshop)


…Your workshop literally was a terrific roadmap and your leadership and direction was truly inspiring.  Seriously.  Great job.

Donald H. (Skip) Gregory