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Greetings CEITR members,

Congratulations on your professional accomplisment! Your publication or presentation will forever represent your hard work and desire to contribute original research to your field. On behalf of CEITR, we would like to acknowledge and celebrate this major accomplishment within our scholarly community. In order to help us do this, please tell us more specific details about your publication by completing this brief survey.

The survey can be completed by the author/presenter by clicking the link and working through the questions. Please make sure to use APA format. 

Taking the time and making the effort to complete the survey will allow for news about your publication to be disseminated throughout our community of scholars on our Research Hub. Visitors from around the world will see your publication added to our listing of publications and will have direct access by linking to your research on the website of the journal (if applicable), driving traffic to your published article on the journal’s or conference's website. This activity will increase your exposure as a published author or presenter. 
As a preview for your reference, a copy of the survey is included below. The survey shared below is provided to give you a sense for the questions to prepare for completing the survey online.  
Once again, congratulations on your publication! 

Additional Information Regarding Publications

  • The brief Survey will take approximately 7-10 minutes to complete. Please complete all items with accuracy, taking advantage of any resources/notes/documents/journal websites for responding to questions rather than relying on memory alone or guessing. Please plan on completing all questions in one sitting as you will not be able to save and submit your responses at a later time. You will be asked to provide citations using APA format and style. A brief citation guide is included below.
  • Articles that have been published and presentations given at conferences will be compiled in a directory that will be shared across the Research & Scholarship Enterprise which may result in additional exposure for your research/publication.
  • For more assistance with APA, you can view the Dissertation to Publication page here with APA examples, or go to the APA cite here.

​Preview of the Survey

Section I: Demographic Information

1. Please add your email, first name, and last name.


Section II: Publications Accepted Since Last Reporting


1. Publication Accepted for Publication Reference#1 (please add your APA Citation)

2. Publication Accepted for Publication Summary #1 (please add a brief summary of your article)


Section III: Publications Released in Print or Online


1. Publication #1 Reference (please add your APA Citation)

2. Publication #1 Summary (please add a brief summary of your article)


Section IV: Presentations

1. Publication Accepted for Publication#1 (please add your APA Citation)

2. Publication Accepted for Publication Summary #1 (please add a brief summary of your presentation)


Section IV: Hub Profile

1. Please insert a link to your Research Hub profile. This will provide readers a way to continue exploring your other professional work.