Students and Alumni Corner

Students and Alumni Corner

We’d like to welcome all doctoral students and alumni to the Center for Educational and Instructional Research (CEITR) at the University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies. 

In our research center, we offer some very unique opportunities for students undergoing the doctoral process as well as alumni who have graduated with their doctorates.

What We Do

CEITR provides several very vital functions for doctoral students and alumni, as outlined below:


CDS Alumni Special Interest Group

Join CDS Alumni Special Interest Group to participate in research fellowship teams, network with other alumni, and attend/offer alumni story webinars.  

Dissertation to Publication Program

Once doctoral students graduate, they often wonder what is next once the dissertation and the oral defense is complete.  As a Doctor and scholar-practitioner, you should now focus your efforts toward becoming active in research and publishing in your field of expertise in order to solidify your reputation as a scholar and expert.  However, many new Doctors often don’t know how to go about getting started in the publishing process especially after such an intensive effort of working on a dissertation for several years.  Here at CEITR, we help guide you through this process by providing assistance to help you refine your dissertation into an article for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.  Through the efforts of experienced scholars at CEITR, we review your dissertation, provide suggestions on how to turn your dissertation into an appropriate journal manuscript, and provide you with suggestions as to what peer-reviewed journal to submit your article to once completed.  Through this process, you will learn a great deal about what it takes to prepare an article for a journal, how to go about the submission process, how to address editing suggestions from the journal, and how to successfully publish your dissertation research in a reputable peer-reviewed journal.

Learn more about the Dissertation to Publication Program

Preferred Educational Associations

CEITR also provides students and alumni with an introduction to various educational associations that they can join not only to network with other scholars but also to learn about current research in various fields of study.  While membership in CEITR is only available to graduates, current researchers, and faculty members to engage in active research opportunities in the Research Hub at University of Phoenix, there are many external organizations that both students and alumni can join.  For doctoral students, this type of networking opportunity can prove invaluable especially if looking for potential research topics that are of current interest to the research and scholarly community.  For alumni who wish to publish and present, these opportunities can certainly help provide a unique forum to become established and recognized as a researcher and scholar in your field of expertise.  More importantly, membership in these organizations will allow you to network and potentially collaborate with other scholars at other institutions.

Learn More About Educational Associations to Join  

If interested in learning more about how you may benefit from these opportunities, feel free to email us at for more information.