CEITR 2021 Institutional Research, Fellows, and Scholars

2021 CEITR Institutional Research Projects, Topics are based on the suggestions of UOPX Vice Provosts, Dr. Hinrich Eylers and Doris Savron

A total of 50 researchers from various UOPX colleges participated in 9 research team projects

CEITR Projects led by CEITR Chair, Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi and CEITR Associate Chair, Dr. Ryan Rominger. Projects are promoted and supported by Vice-Provosts Dr. Hinrich Eylers and Doris Savron and the Deans of the Colleges within the University of Phoenix.


Blue highlight=Team Leader and CEITR Research Fellow in Residence

*=Team member and CEITR Research Scholar in Residence

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Team 1: How and to what extent does short burst learning/badging provide value to UOPX students or employers?

Danielle Sixsmith                    CDS – Alumnus                      

*David Mailloux                        Criminal Justice

Frederick Lawrence                CDS, CoB&IT

*Natasha  Rowe                        CDS; Student

*Petula Brown                          College of Health Professions

Team 2: Quality of Feedback: Investigating the quality and timeliness of feedback. Research literature and turn into a coaching model/opportunity for UOPX faculty.

Cheryl Burleigh                       CDS, CoEd, CGS,;Doctoral Alumni

*Dara Murray                           CDS - Dotoral Alumni

*Margaret Kroposki                  CDS

*Patty Steele                             CDS

*Sherrye Smith                         CDS - Doctoral Alumni

Team 3: How can we use UOPX online curriculum to build better remote workers?

*Fern Entrekin                          CDS

*Jane Schumacher                    CDS - Lead Faculty Education

Mansureh Kebritchi                CDS

*Mary Lind                                CDS

*Melissa Shank                         CDS - Alumna

Team 4: How to reshape practitioner oriented higher ed institutions after COVID-19 to attract more students?

*Lesley Pyron                            College of Nursing

Liz Johnston                            CDS

*Mansureh Kebritchi                CDS

*Thomas Sloan                         College of Health Professions

*Valerie Bradley-Holliday         College of Humanities and Sciences

*William McClain                      CDS

Team 5: How Covid-19 has affected UOPX students and faculty in the College of Nursing?

*Belky Perez                             College Social and Behavioral Sciences

*Debra Williams                       College of Healthcare Administration

*Eileen Ehudin Beard               College of Nursing

*Kym Grant-Horsey                  CDS Alumni- Doctor of Management

*Martha Zepeda                       College of Nursing

*Midge (Judith) Elkins               College of Healthcare Administration

Ryan Rominger                       CDS

Team 6: A research about adult non-traditional students attending open enrollment institutions and what is an appropriate persistence baseline that you can target to achieve?

Angela Larson                         College of Nursing & CDS

*David Proudfoot                     CDS

*Marlene Berry                         CDS - Panel Validator - Access

*Nowai Keleekai-Brapoh          College of Nursing

*Sushil Jindal                            CDS

Team 7: Promoting industry alignment within College of Education curriculum development post Covid-19.

Louise Underdahl                    CDS - ACCESS | Panel Validator

*Patricia Akojie                         CDS - URM

*Shawishi Haynes                     CDS - URM

*Rheanna Henderson               College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

*Myrene Magabo                     College of General Studies

*Margo Patterson                    College of Nursing

*Tanyette White-Walter          CDS alumna

Team 8: Mini-certifications as professional development for UOPX faculty.

*Debra McCoy                          College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

*Diane Hunt-Wagner                College of Business

*Mary "Mimi" Stout                              CDS

Phil Davidson                          CDS - URM

*Stewart Stanfield                    College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Team 9: Shortcomings revealed during lockdown on K – 12 Virtual learning students with an emphasis on special needs populations.

*Andrea Wilson                         CoEd

Cheryl  Burleigh                       CDS, CoEd, CGS; Doctoral Alumni

*Erik Bean                                 CDS

*Somethinee Abdullah Talib