Research Resources

Research Resources

We are delighted to provide you with resources, tools, and support to effectively complete your research. These tools can be very useful for dissertation chairs to more effectively mentor their doctoral students and for doctoral students to further improve their dissertations.

Archived Datasets 

"How to" Resources 

HowtoUseUOPXLibraryResources-Webinar8.13.15.pdf (August 2015 Advancing the Practitioner’s Professional Life (Apple) Webinar, focused on University Library Resources)

HowtoWriteResearchProspectus-CEITR.pdf (Workshop slides)

 How to Optimize Searching with Google.pdf (Guidelines and tips to optimize searching with Google) 


Blog Related Resources

Procrastination Blog 

Motivation Blog 

Journal Manuscript and Conference Proposal Development

The Center helps you form a high quality manuscript for peer-reviewed journal publication and conference proposal. Webinars and asynchronous workshops are provided to help the members.  

Presentation: How to Write and Publish a Journal Article

Review the following useful presentation about How to publish your Research or Dissertation in a Peer-reviewed Journal.  


Review the following information that provide guidelines, tips, and tools for finding and evaluating journals and preparing a successful manuscript for publication.   

Workshop: How to Write a Grant Application for Research Funding

This is a three-part, hands-on online workshop consisting of an overview of the process of grant writing, from researching and identifying appropriate funding sources to writing a winning proposal. The workshop concentrates on the information faculty and staff need in order to use grant writing as an effective conduit to supporting their research efforts.

  First Session: Researching and Evaluating Funding Sources and RFPs

HowtoWriteGrant Applications-Session1-10.22.15.pdf

 Quality Literature Review and Research Methods

The Center helps you form a quality literature review  and a better understanding about qualitative and quantitative research methods and designs. Webinars and asynchronous workshops are provided to help the members.  

The following resources help you develop and publish your literature review. 


This template can be used as a framework to form your journal manuscript based on literature review.


This is a very useful taxonomy that can be used as a guideline to conduct literature review.

Resource Team

There are a group of well- experienced faculty in the Center who support the Center members and are expert in dissertation mentoring, journal manuscript and conference proposal development, quality literature review, and research methods. 

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