Research Labs and Communities

Research Labs and Communities

Research labs are structured research departments related to a broad/cutting-edge topic in the field of education. Through the research labs, we connect people, implement the effective process, and generate great products.; 3Ps is our formula for success. The goal of the labs is to support a cluster of related projects to be completed within 12 months from their initiations. All projects are planned to be submitted to peer-reviewed conferences for presentation and journals for publication. A team of 3-4 researchers works on each project. Every team has a team leader and members playing specific roles as methodologists, literature reviewers, or writers.  Materials and step-by-step guidelines are provided for the teams. Monthly Web-based meetings are held to discuss the projects and support the researchers carrying out the projects.  Each lab may include multiple projects. After completing the current projects, a new set of projects related to the lab topic are developed. 

If you are interested in participating in the research projects, you may complete the registration form for the upcoming projects in the next calendar year. 

By joining CEITR or CDS Alumni SIG Research Team, you agree to follow the Research Team Terms

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Research Labs

Research Communities

Recommended Future Studies 

  • Assessment, designs, and issues in online or face-to-face settings  

  • Online doctoral dissertation process

  • Online education, issues, and trends

  • Cultural diversity in education 

  • Use of Technology to Help Disable Students in K-12                 

  • Adult learners, Issues in US and International  

  • Common Core Curriculum in K-12

  • Application of Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory in Online Education

  • English as a Second Language and Bilingual Education      

  • Higher Education Administration 

  • Closing Inequality Gap in Education