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Maternal Influences on Female Adolescents Attitudes Toward Work
Developing a Blueprint for Student Affairs This publication has been peer reviewed.
Identifying Academically At-Risk Students within a Suburban Public High School PLC
Exploring pedagogical foundations of existing virtual reality (VR) educational applications: A content analysis study This publication has been peer reviewed.
How Semantics May Impact Knowledge and Learning Transfer in Online Discussion Forums
Ethics in virtual educational environments (VREs): Designer’s perceptions.
New Way of Learning: Perception and Experiences of Online Doctoral Students
Leveraging expert faculty presence: One course, two unique learning environments, simultaneous delivery This publication has been peer reviewed.
Intercultural Responsiveness: Response to Cultures Continuum
What Educational Leaders Should Know about Social Media, Collaboration, and Doctoral Learning
A systematic review of the biomarker S100B: Implications for sport-related concussion management This publication has been peer reviewed.
New Refugee Transferable Competency Training (NRTCT) Model: Integration of Educational Technology into a Hybrid Mastery
Job Satisfaction, Self-Efficacy, Burnout, and Path of Teacher Certification: Predictors of Attrition in Special Educatio
SEL + Service-Learning = SUCCESS In Student Learning
Alignment in research triad and research method and design
Cultural, Learning and Technology: Research and Practice This publication has been peer reviewed.
Actualizing Learning Outcomes in Nursing Education with Augmented Reality.
Immigrating to a Title XI Environment This publication has been peer reviewed.
Character, Health & Fitness, Service, and Leadership (CHiSL) Curriculum and Leadership Bowl
In the Field: Experiences with Young Adults the First Year after High School