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Analog Data vs Digital Data This publication has been peer reviewed.
Joint Computer Based Instruction System (JCBIS) This publication has been peer reviewed.
Intercultural Responsiveness: Understanding the response to cultures continuum
Exploring Learning Organizations through the High Reliability Organization Framework
Best Practices for Online Course Design, Delivery, and Review
Early career experience of young adults
It’s Not Beethoven Anymore: Opening New Territories for Assessments by Integrating Music
Using Action Research as a Capstone Assessment
Leadership: Becoming a Teacher Leader
Psychometric Data Supports use of the Dental Fear Interview to Assess Appalachian Youth and their Patients
Predicting Conceptual Gain in an Atomic Bonding Module
Working in a Post-Covid World: Lifelong Employability, DELTAs, and Innovation Ecosystems
Narrative of a White Middle Class Male School Principal: An Apologia This publication has been peer reviewed.
Psychologists Role in Collaborative Funding: Promoting Need and Awareness
Should college education play a significant role in teaching students about ethics?
The effects of contemporary and alternative medicine on healthcare and dentistry
Working with Blackboard Consulting Services
Women in Leadership
Incorporating Brookfield’s discussion techniques into asynchronous online courses This publication has been peer reviewed.
The indispensable truth of yoga: authentic leading and learning for inspiring performance