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The makerspace and emotional intelligence: Empowering students to change the world
The relationship between mathematics achievement and socio-economic status when controlling racial and ethnic concentra
Successful persuasive technology for behavior reduction: Mapping to Fogg’s Gray Behavior Grid
The STELLAR Program: The Heart in Space
The Power of Positive – Developing Grit and Mindset in your Online Classroom
An evaluation of competency-based education programs: A study of the development process of competency-based programs
Job Satisfaction, Self-Efficacy, Burnout, and Path of Teacher Certification: Predictors of Attrition in Special Educatio
Program Evaluation of Effective School Leadership Practices of a District Principal Preparation Program
Online counseling: A primer for practioners This publication has been peer reviewed.
Practice based conversations with online dissertation chairs presented at Knowledge
Using objectives to measure student learning and guide instructional design.
Correlation between mentors and learners perceptions of faculty-mentor competency model in completing doctoral dissertat
Meditation, mindfulness, and critical thinking: Individual characteristics in online higher education
Designing our future through moments of surprise
Evasive actions and other coping strategies for those enduing workplace bullying in higher education. This publication has been peer reviewed.
A Large-Scale Application of Computer Technology in Critical Care Medicine This publication has been peer reviewed.
Know your talents.. Grow your strengths: Looking at life through strengths-colored glasses.
Validating a Web-Based Laboratory Model.
Breaking the Code: Creating a Welcoming Environment for Girls of Color in STEM.
Online Service Learning: Best Practices