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Factors influencing the development of cultural competence in undergraduate nursing students. This publication has been peer reviewed.
Assessing Challenges and Affordances of a Traditional Instructor’s Pedagogical Change During Guided Implementation of In
Anthropological Research Frames for Archaeological Geophysics, Anthropology Featured Lecture Series, Ashford University
Integrating Positive Behavior Intervention Support and Embedded Mental Health Personnel in an Urban School District
“How Moral Identity Influences Leadership Ethics: An Historical Case Study”
The Effects of Acetyl L-Carnitine on Memory and Cognition
A Quantitative Study Investigating Scenario-Based e-Learning in STEM Education
Five Common Characteristics of Highly Successful Women
Pathways to Dentistry
Student evaluation ratings: Examining predictive relationships between students’ ratings and course satisfaction.
Postsecondary enrollment and completion of MCPS African American and Latino graduates.
Should college education play a significant role in teaching students about ethics?
Computer-mediated instruction: A comparison of online and face-­to-­face collaboration. This publication has been peer reviewed.
Editorial Board Membership: 7/1/2020-6/30/2023 This publication has been peer reviewed.
Working Hand in Hand: Philanthropy and Education the Importance of Educating Young Women.
Developing a Borderless Higher Education Paradigm to meet the Global demands of Business and Management Education in the
Developing a Blueprint for Student Affairs This publication has been peer reviewed.
G Suite for Education Training
Developing the Virtual Campus: Engaging Students through Online Social Networking.
How Semantics May Impact Knowledge and Learning Transfer in Online Discussion Forums