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2016 McJulien Scholars Panel: Reflection of Culturally Responsive Teaching in Education
The Aftermath of Trump: A Challenge for Education and Community Leaders and the Rise of Youth Activism
Implementation of an automated structured feedback system in online science courses: an evaluation and lessons learned.
Education Leaders’ Perceptions of Faculty Ethical Decision Making: Awareness, Learning, and Change
College Students’ Perceptions of Ethics This publication has been peer reviewed.
Strategies That Help People Make A Change
Training Needs for Aviation Maintenance Technicians
Program Evaluation of Effective School Leadership Practices of a District Principal Preparation Program
Motivating Language and Intent to Stay in a Backsourced Information Technology Environment
Faculty Perspectives on Technology-enhanced Formative Assessments
Examining Critical Thinking Strategies, Components, and Challenges in Higher education: a Systematic Literature Review
Impact of A Human Interest Video on Living-Donor Kidney Donation Rate
Knowledge Based Artificial Augmentation Technology: The Next Generation of Scholarly Writing Academic Tools
Bully-Proofing Kids with ASD: What You Can Do to Help
Educating ELLs with culturally responsive strategies
Determinants of a Professor's Decision to Include Service-Learning in an Academic Course: A Logistic Regression Ana
Utilizing SoE leadership, manager of accreditation, faculty, and a graduate student in a collaborative effort to modify
Making Elearning Stick: 17 Techniques to Increase Transfer
Empathetic Design: A Sustainable Approach to School Change
Development and Use of Concept Context Maps to Promote Student