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The Role of Pedagogical Beliefs in Emerging Technology Integration: An Exploratory Case Study of Faculty Perspectives This publication has been peer reviewed.
Take the Bull by Horns: Structural approach to minimize workplace bullying for women in American Higher Education
Keeping Students On-track in Online Courses
Qualitative Phenomenological Study: Considerations in engaging international students This publication has been peer reviewed.
A Large-Scale Application of Computer Technology in Critical Care Medicine This publication has been peer reviewed.
Screenagers Movie Screening Expert Panel
Validating a Web-Based Laboratory Model.
Achieving Competence: Army-VOTEC School Partnership Pilot Studies This publication has been peer reviewed.
A New Best Practice: Online Instructors as Researchers
A Mixed Methods Study Investigating Scenario-Based e-Learning in STEM Education
Learner Interaction in e-learning
A decision tree model to predict success of the National Council of Licensure Examination for associate degree nursing s This publication has been peer reviewed.
Promoting industry alignment within EdD curriculum development: Best practices
Tears and Fears – Sighs and High Fives: Listening to the Words of Teacher Candidates After edTPA Submission
Implementing Educational Technology in K-12 Classrooms
Instructional Strategies for Adult Multigenerational Learners
Successful Collaboration and Partnership with Virtual Mentors
Identifying teaching strategies to increase cultural competence among undergraduate nursing students
Developing a Materials Course Teaching Tool Kit to Promote Ease of Implementation of Innovative Classroom Instructional