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Online adjunct higher education teachers’ perceptions of using social media as instructional approaches to reach diverse
The Higher Learning Commission Criteria for Accreditation and Core Components Criterion Two: What is the History and Mea
Meditation and critical thinking and individual characteristics: A quasi-experimental study
Teaching and engaging a new generation of learners
Depression and mysticism: Case report and literature review.
Workplace Bullying in the United States and Canada: Organizational accountability required in higher education. This publication has been peer reviewed.
Empowering Soldier Learning: Electronic Credit Banking
Producing an Instructional Video: An Instructional Design Approach This publication has been peer reviewed.
Influence of online computer games on the academic achievement of nontraditional undergraduate students, This publication has been peer reviewed.
Consistency of Redundant Databases in a Weakly Coupled Distributed Computer Conferencing System This publication has been peer reviewed.
Promoting industry alignment within EdD curriculum development: Learn-to-learn by doing?
Work Values, Generational Difference as Impacted by Computer Self Efficacy This publication has been peer reviewed.
Designing a Web-Based Laboratory Class to Engage 21st Century Learners.
Quality Teachers for Students in EBD Programs This publication has been peer reviewed.
Exploring Socio-Cultural Approach to Generating Educational Change from K-12 School Leaders’ Perspectives: A Qualitative
Is Knowledge Based Artificial Augmentation Intelligence Technology the Next Step in Instructional Tools for Distance Lea
Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and Online Learning
Addressing Misconceptions and Knowledge Gaps in the Restructuring of Atomic Bonding Course Content to Enhance Conceptual
Multiple Intelligences and the Disabled Adult Learner
“How Moral Identity Influences Leadership Ethics: An Historical Case Study”