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Scientific Writing: Careers and The Importance of Good Writing in Science
Witnesses to Transformation: Family Member Experiences Providing Individualized Music To Their Family Member with Dement
Blue's Clues as a Metaphor for the Development of Online Courses
Leading change for American Indian/Alaskan Native postsecondary cultural influences using secondary data
Antithesis: Two Men Who Shaped Alabama's History
Increasing Self-Efficacy Through Mentorship: A Case Study This publication has been peer reviewed.
Examining the Use of Single and Multi-Player Computer Math Games in Public Schools and their Effects on Students’ Math A
The Effect of a Reading Comprehension Program on Student Achievement in Mathematics
Exploring the Beliefs and Professional Experiences Impacting the Building of Scholarship for Doctoral Degree Graduates:
Designing Surveys and Interview Questions for Qualitative Studies: Validation Rubric for Expert Panel (VREP©)
Improving learning outcomes for higher education through smart technology This publication has been peer reviewed.
Think Outside the Box: Student Centered Educational and Employment Options
Job Satisfaction, Self-Efficacy, Burnout, and Path of Teacher Certification: Predictors of Attrition in Special Educatio
Online adjunct higher education teachers’ perceptions of using social media as instructional approaches to reach diverse
Identifying Academically At-Risk Students within a Suburban Public High School PLC
Meditation and critical thinking and individual characteristics: A quasi-experimental study
Workplace Bullying in the United States and Canada: Organizational accountability required in higher education. This publication has been peer reviewed.
A Multi-Copy Structured Database Computer Conferencing System This publication has been peer reviewed.
Alignment in research triad and research method and design
Producing an Instructional Video: An Instructional Design Approach This publication has been peer reviewed.