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Social Emotional Learning and Service Learning
iPadagogy 101: using Clinical Orthopedic Exam (C.O.R.E.) to facilitate evidence-based practice in the orthopedic evaluat This publication has been peer reviewed.
Make Training Stick
2016 McJulien Scholars Panel Reflection of Culturally Responsive Teaching in Education
Arizona State Transition Conference
An Exploratory Phenomenology Study of Educators’ Bullying Experiences in the Workplace
Co-Teaching in the Classroom
Artificial Intelligence Adoption By United States Marine Air Ground Task Force: An Exploratory Case Study
Let's get gritty: measures of student outcomes.
The pros and cons of using student created content in an undergraduate online course.
A Review of how Technology-Based Resources Impact the K12 Classroom: An Application Approach
Neural-Net Applications in Character Recognition and Document Analysis
The Video Treatment: A Preview
The Community College Communication Studies Student: Multiple Intelligences for In-Person and Online Modalities
Augmented Reality in Nursing Education Programs: A Descriptive Case Study. This publication has been peer reviewed.
Building Academic Success on Social and Emotional Learning through Service This publication has been peer reviewed.
Digital knowledge mapping as an instructional strategy to enhance knowledge convergence This publication has been peer reviewed.
Descriptions of Online Learning Experiences in Female‐Authored Social Media
Leadership Matters: How principals can indirectly influence the achievement of low income students in public schools
Correlation of doctoral dissertation mentor competencies with mentor and learner expectations