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Knowledge Based Artificial Augmentation Technology: The Next Generation of Scholarly Writing Academic Tools
Socioeconomic and Educational Influences on Black Adolescents Childbearing Perceptions
Student Affairs: Activity traps or planful development? This publication has been peer reviewed.
Do you have missing data? What perceptional data can tell you about mentoring and supporting teacher candidates througho
Witnesses to Transformation: Family Member Experiences Providing Individualized Music to Relatives with Dementia, This publication has been peer reviewed.
What is wrong with online class discussions? An examination of the current research regarding the effect of instructor i
Effects of Horsemanship Training on Psychophysiological Health and Perceptions of Quality of Life among Military Veteran
An overview of employer-higher education institutions partnerships: A one world, one network alliance?
Transforming the Digital Textbook: A Modified Delphi Study This publication has been peer reviewed.
The Importance of the Armenian English Language Teaching Baseline Study 2001-2003 in the Armenian Education Reform (Focu
Building Leadership Capacity Through Teachers
Incorporating Brookfield’s discussion techniques into asynchronous online courses This publication has been peer reviewed.
Online counseling: A primer for practitioners This publication has been peer reviewed.
Scaffolding Knowledge from Research to Writing: The Role of Reflection in Turning Doctoral Candidates into Graduates
Curricula Revisited: Addressing the Needs of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Students
Cybersecurity education: Using Facebook's open source Capture the Flag platform as a hands-on learning and assessme
A Proposed Architecture for Autonomous Mobile Agent Intrusion Prevention and Malware Defense in Heterogeneous Networks
Classifying Periodontal Subgingival Biofilms Directly with Vital Probes: Flow Cyotmetry and Confocal Laser Scanning Mic
Make Training Stick