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Value Based Scoring for Optical Character Recognition This publication has been peer reviewed.
Career professionals’ reflections on exposure to early music training: A narrative inquiry This publication has been peer reviewed.
The Army Distance Learning Program
Let's Do Dentistry
Creating Dialectic Heuristics to Spur an LGBTQ Agenda for Change This publication has been peer reviewed.
A quasi-experimental study comparing smart phone keyboard layouts
You Belong to Me: An African American Narrative
Blended course design for multi-campus technology instruction: An expository study
International Perspective on Mobile Learning
Comparing Islamist Extremists’ Narratives of al-Shabaab, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and al-Qaeda in the Islamic
Perceptions of Emulation of Human Ethics Programmed in Robots: A Content Analysi
The Impact of Principal Turnover on Student Achievement
Graduate School Milestones: From Exam to Dissertation
Influence of online computer games on the academic achievement of nontraditional undergraduate students This publication has been peer reviewed.
E-Learning in the 21st Century
Ethical Frameworks as Lenses to Consider and Apply SLU Core Values
Students Interested in STEM: A Comparison of Gender and Ethnic Distribution OLC Orlando, Florida Presentation November 2
Workplace Bullying: An Exploratory Study of Staff in K-12 Schools
Examining Critical Thinking Challenges, Components, and Strategies in Higher Education: A Systematic Literature Review
Wither Paleoindian Rock Art? Commentary in response to Bednarik, R. Pleistocene Fauna Depictions in American Paleoart This publication has been peer reviewed.