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Curricula Revisited: Addressing the Needs of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Students
Nursing students' contextual perspectives in a computer-aided simulated environment: A case study This publication has been peer reviewed.
Sources of information and Adolescents'Perceptions of Their Birth Control Knowledge
A Proposed Architecture for Autonomous Mobile Agent Intrusion Prevention and Malware Defense in Heterogeneous Networks
Slaying Emotional Monsters: Strategies to Improve the Retention of Adult Learners
Do you have missing data? What perceptional data can tell you about mentoring and supporting teacher candidates through
Witnesses to Transformation: Family Member Experiences Providing Individualized Music to Relatives with Dementia
Autoethnography, Ethics, and a Principal’s Epiphanic Search for Self
Need a Social Media Makeover?
Blended Learning: An Interactive Conversation
Learning Analytics and AI in Higher Education
The Importance of the Armenian ELT Baseline Study 2001-2003 in the Armenian Education Reform (Focus on Teachers)
Factors Related to Small Business Cyber-Attack Protection in the United States This publication has been peer reviewed.
Innovations in Teen Mental Health
Native American cultural identity exploration in their postsecondary education: A narrative inquiry
Class Dojo and Parental Connection
Confucianism and Chinese Education
Joint Computer Based Instruction System (JCBIS) This publication has been peer reviewed.
Foundational Theories of Social Media Tools and Cultural Competency: A Systematic Literature Review
Classifying Periodontal Subgingival Biofilms Directly with Vital Probes: Flow Cyotmetry and Confocal Laser Scanning Mic