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Preventing Bullying in Schools
Impact of A Human Interest Video on Living-Donor Kidney Donation Rate
The Web-Based Creativity Model©: A new approach for creativity integration to achieve industry and learning-organization This publication has been peer reviewed.
The Aftermath of Trump: A Challenge for Education and Community Leaders and the Rise of Youth Activism
Exploring pedagogical foundations of existing virtual reality (VR) educational applications: A content analysis study
School leaders' Reflective Blogs Inspire Systemic Change: A Narrative Inquiry
Actualizing Learning Outcomes in Nursing Education with Augmented Reality
Witnesses to Transformation: Family Member Experiences Providing Individualized Music To Their Family Member with Dement
Using mentors and advisors to increase college access services.
The role of parental involvement in the achievement and behavior of African-American kindergarten and first grade studen
Preparing teachers to use technology: Effects of training experience on confidence and knowledge. This publication has been peer reviewed.
Online Adjunct Higher Education Teachers’ Perceptions on Using Social Media Sites as Instructional Approaches. This publication has been peer reviewed.
A New Best Practice: Online Instructors as Researchers
A decision tree model to predict success of the National Council of Licensure Examination for associate degree nursing s This publication has been peer reviewed.
Mentoring Rising Seniors: Navigating the College Process
Need a Social Media Makeover?
Psychosocial issues and sources of support affecting retention for adult learners: Generational variations This publication has been peer reviewed.
Enhancing the Benefits of Blended Learning in an Inverted Classroom Model
Wither Paleoindian Rock Art? Commentary in response to Bednarik, R. Pleistocene Fauna Depictions in American Paleoart This publication has been peer reviewed.
Beyond Awareness: Gangs, Gang-Related Activities in the Educational Environment