Papers, Covid-19 Responses

White papers related to Covid-19 responses. 


1. Dr. Randi Sweeney

Developing Strategic Plans for Remote Students Strategies for Remote Students during a National Emergency


The SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) Pandemic created a ‘new norm’ learning environment for many schools and instructors. A main issue resulting from the pandemic on education was immediate remote learning plans had to be developed in a noticeably short period of time. In some cases, schools did not have plans in place that permitted remote learning, which caused issues for the schools, instructors, and students. One of the main issues from the lack of plans or planning was how to capture and maintain the attention of the student. This paper was developed around the ARCS model by Keller (1983), which is normally associated with instructional design to help the school or instructor understand the process to capture and maintain student attention during a national emergency so the student can achieve success in learning.

Keywords: sars-cov-2, covid-19, attention, arcs, school, instructor, remote learning, pandemic



2. Mark Johnson, MPA

Draft Research and Social Distancing with Covid-19