Dissertation to Publication

Dissertation to Publication

We are excited to inform you about Dissertation to Publication programs through which we help you publish your completed doctoral dissertations. Doctoral alumni, committee chairs, and committee members work together as co-authors to prepare the journal manuscripts with the center’s support. We offer two types of programs and you may select to participate in one of these programs depending on your skills and needs. The "Individual Support" program is appropriate for the participants who are self-disciplined, well informed about how to write a manuscript, and prefer to develop the manuscript based on their own pace. The "Dissertation to Publication" workshop is appropriate for novice authors who are interested in learning about how to write a journal manuscript and need structure and timelines to complete/submit their papers to the journals. Learn more about each program below.

Individual Support

We provide you with target journals and step-by-step guidance to prepare your manuscript based on the dissertation. In addition, our well-experienced reviewers review your manuscript and provide you with feedback to refine and finalize the manuscript before submission. 

Here is our procedure:

Dissertation to Publication Workshop

The mission of the workshop is to teach the art of developing a publishable manuscript based on a research. The tangible outcome of the workshop is to generate a publishable manuscript and submit to a peer-reviewed journal. To fulfill the mission and achieve the outcome, we provide structured support and guidelines via monthly web-based meetings. Target journals for publication are suggested at the beginning of the workshop. The manuscripts are broken down into three major sections of introduction, method, and results. The committee of reviewers closely work with the participants to review, revise, and finalize their manuscripts. Participants submit their manuscripts to their target journal by the end of the workshop. Certificate of completion is awarded to the participants who completed and submitted their manuscripts to the journals by the end of the workshop.


Dissertation to Publication Workshop is offered in winter and fall semesters. Registration is open/announced in January and August at the Research Hub. Notification email is sent to the research hub affiliates.

Complete the workshop registration by following the procedure explained at this page


The Workshop Resources 

The workshop resources and materials are available at Dissertation to Publication Workshop Special Interest Group

Please join The Dissertation to Publication Workshop Special Interest Group and login to view the resources.


Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have any questions, please contact us at: EducationalTechnology@phoenix.edu.