CEITR 2022 Research Lab

2022 CEITR Institutional Research Projects are based on the suggestions of team leaders and members.

A total of 38 researchers from various UOPX colleges participated in 8 research team projects

CEITR Projects led by CEITR Chair, Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi and CEITR Associate Chair, Dr. Stella Smith. Projects are promoted and supported by Vice-Provost Dr. Hinrich Eylers, University of Phoenix.

Blue highlight=Team Leader and CEITR Research Fellow in Residence

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Team 1. Online learning via tutoring

Frederick Lawrence - Co-Team Leader

Danielle Kearns-Sixsmith – Co-Team Leader

David Mailloux

Rheanna Reed

Team 2: How to provide feedback to improve students’ performance and engagement in online higher education courses (lit review); A comprehensive lit review to identify effective practices, platforms, and strategies to enhance students’ performance.

Mansureh Kebritchi – Team Leader

Angela Larson - Co-Team Leader

Alana Lyles

Liz Young

Margaret Vianna

Team 3. Community Colleges' Response Coming Out of the Pandemic: A Systematic Literature Review 

Mary "Mimi" Stout – Team Leader

Karen Johnson

Michelle Hill

Debra McCoy

Team 4: Promoting Industry Alignment within Curriculum Development            

Louise Underdahl – Team Leader

Patricia Akojie

Myrene Magabo

Shawishi Haynes

Rheanna Reed

Jenn Sagon-Taeza

Margo Patterson

Team 5: Doctoral Student Connectedness - Is there a relationship between doctoral student connectedness to the resources utilized, level of involvement, as well as in and out of class interactions? Are there any differences in doctoral student connectedness during the different phases (1-5) of the program?

Marlene Blake – Team Leader

Martha  Zepeda

Sushil Jindal

William (Bill) Frick

Team 6. Effectiveness of on-line learning; continue to explore the effects of the pandemic on higher education and teaching methodologies, faculty and student intent to stay

Stella Smith – Team Leader

Roxanne Williams

Stephanie Ferguson

Petula Brown

Wellington Williams

Team 7. Multiculturalism in Higher Education     

Stella Smith – Team Leader

Dannette Bersteiner

Juana Lang

TaMika Fuller

Team 8: Exploring the impact of the pandemic on American workers’ career perceptions and professional development by analyzing Career Optimism Index archived data 2022, collected for UOPX Career Institute.    

Meryl Epstein – Team Leader

Joann Kovacich

Roxanne Jordan

Jodee Ledford

L’Tanya Simien-Robinett

Jennifer Lapin