CEITR 2021 Research Lab

2021 CEITR Institutional Research Projects are based on the suggestions of UOPX Vice Provosts, Dr. Hinrich Eylers and Doris Savron

A total of 50 researchers from various UOPX colleges participated in 9 research team projects

CEITR Projects led by CEITR Chair, Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi and CEITR Associate Chair, Dr. Ryan Rominger. The projects focus on critical, timely institutional topics and were suggested and supported by Vice-Provosts Dr. Hinrich Eylers and Doris Savron and the Deans of the Colleges within the University of Phoenix. The projects are completed, presented at AECT November and TQR Jan 2022 and submitted for publication at peer reviewed journals.  The list of projects is provided below.


Blue highlight=Team Leader and CEITR Research Fellow in Residence

*=Team member and CEITR Research Scholar in Residence

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Team 1: How and to what extent does short burst learning/badging provide value to UOPX students or employers?

Danielle Sixsmith                    CDS – Alumnus                      

*David Mailloux                        Criminal Justice

Frederick Lawrence                CDS, CoB&IT

*Natasha  Rowe                        CDS; Student

*Petula Brown                          College of Health Professions

Team 2: Quality of Feedback: Investigating the quality and timeliness of feedback. Research literature and turn into a coaching model/opportunity for UOPX faculty.

Cheryl Burleigh                       CDS, CoEd, CGS,;Doctoral Alumni

*Dara Murray                           CDS - Dotoral Alumni

*Margaret Kroposki                  CDS

*Patty Steele                             CDS

*Sherrye Smith                         CDS - Doctoral Alumni

Team 3: How can we use UOPX online curriculum to build better remote workers?

*Fern Entrekin                          CDS

*Jane Schumacher                    CDS - Lead Faculty Education

Mansureh Kebritchi                CDS

*Mary Lind                                CDS

*Melissa Shank                         CDS - Alumna

Team 4: How to reshape practitioner oriented higher ed institutions after COVID-19 to attract more students?

*Lesley Pyron                            College of Nursing

Liz Johnston                            CDS

*Mansureh Kebritchi                CDS

*Thomas Sloan                         College of Health Professions

*Valerie Bradley-Holliday         College of Humanities and Sciences

*William McClain                      CDS

Team 5: How Covid-19 has affected UOPX students and faculty in the College of Nursing?

*Belky Perez                             College Social and Behavioral Sciences

*Debra Williams                       College of Healthcare Administration

*Eileen Ehudin Beard               College of Nursing

*Kym Grant-Horsey                  CDS Alumni- Doctor of Management

*Martha Zepeda                       College of Nursing

*Midge (Judith) Elkins               College of Healthcare Administration

Ryan Rominger                       CDS

Team 6: A research about adult non-traditional students attending open enrollment institutions and what is an appropriate persistence baseline that you can target to achieve?

Angela Larson                         College of Nursing & CDS

*David Proudfoot                     CDS

*Marlene Berry                         CDS - Panel Validator - Access

*Nowai Keleekai-Brapoh          College of Nursing

*Sushil Jindal                            CDS

Team 7: Promoting industry alignment within College of Education curriculum development post Covid-19.

Louise Underdahl                    CDS - ACCESS | Panel Validator

*Patricia Akojie                         CDS - URM

*Shawishi Haynes                     CDS - URM

*Rheanna Henderson               College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

*Myrene Magabo                     College of General Studies

*Margo Patterson                    College of Nursing

*Tanyette White-Walter          CDS alumna

Team 8: Mini-certifications as professional development for UOPX faculty.

*Debra McCoy                          College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

*Diane Hunt-Wagner                College of Business

*Mary "Mimi" Stout                              CDS

Phil Davidson                          CDS - URM

*Stewart Stanfield                    College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Team 9: Shortcomings revealed during lockdown on K – 12 Virtual learning students with an emphasis on special needs populations.

*Andrea Wilson                         CoEd

Cheryl  Burleigh                       CDS, CoEd, CGS; Doctoral Alumni

*Erik Bean                                 CDS

*Somethinee Abdullah Talib