Augmented Intelligence in Education

Augmented Intelligence in Education

Welcome to CEITR Augmented Intelligence in Education Research Lab.

Team Leaders: Dr. Mansureh KebritchiDr. Susan Ferebee

Topics and Sub-Topics

Team Leader: Dale Crowe, JD PhD

Team 1: An exploratory case (single or multiple) study of teacher perceptions regarding the use of augmented/artificial intelligence and virtual reality tools for classroom instruction. (either K-12 or higher education)

Team Leader: Susan Ferebee, PhD

Team 2: Ethical issues pertaining to the use of cognitive computing, augmented intelligence, and virtually reality tools for K-12 education.

Team Leader: Armando Paladino, PhD. 

Team 3: Robotic and Ethics: The extent that robots emulate human ethics in educational settings.

Team 4: Using Semantic Web to extract knowledge from social networks and its use in education or Semantic Web and its use in education

Team Leader: LauraAnn Migliore, Ph.D

Team 5: Bio-sensing technology and machine-learning methods within 3D virtual learning environments. 

Team Leader: Elisabeth "Alfie" Weinbaum Ph.D

Team 6: Use of Augmented Reality in Nursing Education Programs: A Systematic Review

Additional topics:

Team 7: Using IBM’s Watson augmented intelligence analytics as the next step in cybersecurity in education

Team 8: Sensor technology and machine learning for Big Data analysis