Adult Learners in Higher Education (ALHED) Research Lab

  • Teaching and Learning Strategy

    • Teaching Strategies and Building GRIT (correlation study)  
  • Curriculum Development 

    • For-profit online vs non-profit online faculty perspectives on the use of curriculum designers for online course room development (exploratory, correlation)
    • The structure and components of a practitioner doctoral program 
  • Student Issues

    • GRIT: An Interactionist Personality Theory Approach, and How to Promote the Development of GRIT (exploratory, qualitative)
    • Identifying and overcoming technological barriers among adult learners
    • Exploring state of flow for enhancing adult learners’ teaching and learning  
  • Faculty Issues

    • Job satisfaction and AAUP membership (correlation study)
    • Faculty Burnout: Incidence, Indicators and Consequences
    • Faculty Burnout: Systemic and Personal Factors of Resilience and Recovery
    • Joy in the Classroom: How/Where Faculty find Joy and Fulfillment within Higher Education