2022 Student Research Assistants

2022 Student Research Assistants


Juana Lang, Doctoral Student, a research member of Team 7, CEITR 2022

My name is Juana Lang and I am a current Doctoral student at the University of Phoenix. During the dissertation process, I discovered the world of research and fell in love with it. I believe the world is thirsty for knowledge and in need of people to fill that need. 

My professional background is in education, and I will always be. I am passionate about helping others attain their dreams and goals. Teachers are beacons of hope and change agents. Searching for truth, peace, and justice in the world cannot happen without a passionate and caring teacher.


Jodee Ledford, Doctoral Student, a research member of Team 8, CEITR 2022

Jodee is a Certified Master of Career Services practitioner with 20+ years of experience. She encompasses the faculty credentials to certify other professionals in career coaching, career development, and career competencies. She is highly endorsed on LinkedIn and holds ample positive written reviews. In addition, Jodee is a certified professional life coach and holds a Master Federal Career Advisor Certification. Jodee also developed a federally trademarked company, trueCareerHelp®, a five-step system to help individuals locate employment primarily used in servant leadership and ministry work. This is logical; her M.O. (Modus Operandi) is all about assisting others in flourishing on their career journey.

Jodee displays an evident passion for career services, which led her to the University of Phoenix, a career-focused university with a promise of Career Services for Life ™, and the university strives to make it easy for students and staff, offering long-standing, flexible services, and virtual access. She is now in the second year of her doctoral program researching career services in higher education institutions. In addition, Jodee is honored to be studying as a research assistant under the department led by Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi, the founder and chair of the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research. Jodee holds a Master’s in Education with high honors and a Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management.

Jodee has lived in various states and traveled to multiple countries. She has worked in Government, Higher Education, Non-Profits, and globally with Private Industries. She has also contributed to numerous non-profit startups and mergers, which are still active and financially self-sustainable. Currently, Jodee is the USA Career Connections Manager for Enactus overseeing career operations throughout the USA for Enactus USA. Enactus is a non-profit serving over 37,000 students in 33 countries, creating teams of NextGen Leaders who are impacting the 17 global sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Jodee welcomes and invites you to connect with her on LinkedIn,


Nicole Masters, Doctoral Student, a research member of Team 3, CEITR 2022