CDS RSE Annual Summit


For those wishing to register, the Summit is still open on Day 3 with compelling discussion throughout the day. Feel free to join us on Day 3 of the KWB Summit!

SUMMIT SURVEY-Please take a moment after the conference to complete our quick survey to help us improve our annual conference.


Welcome to the homepage of the Annual Research Summit sponsored by the College of Doctoral Studies and the Research Center Enterprise.

Here you will find the latest information on the Annual Summit alongside other important artifacts such as registration links, call for proposals for presenters, information on platforms used in this virtual conference, how to's and more. 

We welcome you to this page and look forward to your involvement and attendance/presentation acceptance at the Annual Research Summit!



This year's theme! Exploring the Nexus of Change in Diversity, Education, Leadership and Organizational Change

The year 2020 was full of unprecedented events, and as we move into 2021, there is much inquiry around what will change, what has been inspired to change, and where the future is heading. This year's conference explores the potentials of research, addressing  the compelling societal shifts experienced last year and the impact and prospects moving forward. Within this, the exploration and inquiry regarding where future paths will take us as a society  as it relates to diversity and inclusion, education and technology, as well as business and leadership, has become imperative. As in previous years, the RSE-Research and Scholarship Enterprise and the College of Doctoral Studies seek to enlighten communities through the efforts of a research lens that amplifies practice-based potentials in applyication of theory to real-time issues. 

The University Scholarship Mission

The University's Scholarship Mission: We teach, And we engage scholarship in a way that sharpens our teaching.

The University Scholarship Vision

The University's Scholarship Vision: A faculty and university culture where scholarship is an activity that is well understood by, of interest to, and engaged in by the University of Phoenix.

Exploring the Summit

On our shedule/plenary page, you can check out all the current listing of events that you may be interested in attending! If you prefer to download a copy of the schedule, you can also do that on the same page.

This year we have a dynamic list of presenters and panels that are addressing the most current topical matter from a variety of research lenses. Each presentation by a researcher will offer our attendees a chance to ask questions and engage their specific inquiry in real-time.

Pick and Choose Your Schedule Each Day

Of course we want all our guests to enage the conference venue fully, but, there may be specific presentations you want to focus in on. If you are a researcher, then there may be a topic of interest that appeals to the professional in you. If you are a student, then listening to a few of our doctoral student presentations or engaging the panel on Research in the New Normal might be interesting and fruitful. Or maybe you are interested in hearing from our Provost or Vice Provst on day 1? Whatever you choose, we hope that you will find your place amongst our conference and enjoy the potentials!



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