CDS Alumni Collaborative Projects - 2022

CDS Alumni Collaborative Projects - 2022

A total of 6 doctoral graduates and 2 faculty are participating in 3 research teams in 2022.

Team 1 -  Child Centered Pedagogy: Guided Play Based Learning for Preschool Children with Special Needs 

Team Leader:  Dr. June Cade - Team Members:  Dr. Mareen Marzano; Dr. Mar Navarro

Abstract:  Considering that early childhood pioneers have called attention to the fact that young children are naturally curious, develop at their own pace, and require a meaningful stimulating environment to grow and develop, it is vital that early childhood educators do not impede this process, but guide children’s learning experiences through play.  Some early childhood programs tend to generalize children’s learning based on a scripted curriculum and assessment, which can negate the importance of a guided play-based learning approach (GPBL).  The aim of this research study is to determine if directors encourage and support preschool teachers to incorporate early childhood theory with a GPBL approach where: (1) children’s interests, developmental needs, and capabilities are prioritized, (2) a GPBL approach is used to meet curricular outcomes, and (3) classroom environments foster a disposition of creativity (individualized symbolic representation) and critical thinking in young children. 


Team 2 - The Ethical Concerns of Implicit Bias in American Policing

Team Leader:  Dr. Steven Campas - Team Members:  Dr. Joshua Hadnot; Dr. Shahram Moslehi

Abstract:  In our society, there is the perception of stereotyping by police officers and confidence in their ability to enforce the law equally. As a result, there are societal implications that discrimination and racial prejudices exist specifically among law enforcement officers, creating mistrust between community members and law enforcement officers.  The value of the study is to help law enforcement leaders respond to the perception of communities that members of law enforcement organizations are racist and improve relations with communities about the motive of police officers to enforce the law with equity and fairness. In addition, do law enforcement organizations have policies, procedures, and training to address the perception of racism and implicit bias policing proactively.


Team 3 - Case Management and Chronic Diseases: Systematic Literature Review Protocol

Team Leader:  Dr. Pamayla Darbyshire - Team Member:  Dr. MacDonald Chaava

Abstract:  In process.