Alumni Webinars

CDS Alumni Webinar Schedule and Recording 

February 16, 2023   Dr. Lucinda Hines

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November 17, 2022   Dean John Ramirez, CDS Operations, & Director Chris Celauro, Alumni & Career Experience

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August 18, 2022   Dr. Wayne L. McCoy

Link to 8/18/2022 Webinar Recording

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May 19, 2022    Dr. Jenae M. Whitfield

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February 17, 2022        Dr. Deborah Green-Gonzalez

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2/17/2022 PowerPoint presentation

November 18, 2021      Dr. Kristi Burtis

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11/18/2021 PowerPoint presentation

September 30, 2021     Dr. Scott Drexler

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9/30/2021 PowerPoint presentation

May 20, 2021     Dr. Simone Arnold

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5/20/2021 PowerPoint presentation

February 18, 2021       Dr. Barbra Pottorf Bowers

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2/18/2021 PowerPoint presentation

November 3, 2020       Dr. Robin A. Grimes

Link to 11/3/2020 Webinar Recording

11/3/2020 PowerPoint presentation

September 1, 2020      Dr. Maria Dominguez

Link to 9/1/2020 Webinar Recording

9/1/2020 PowerPoint presentation

July 7, 2020                 Dr. Kristina McGaha

Link to 7/7/2020 Webinar Recording

7/7/2020 PowerPoint presentation

May 14, 2020               Dr. Manuel Barbosa

Link to 5/14/2020 Webinar Recording

5/14/2020 PowerPoint presentation

March 3, 2020              Dr. Gwendolyn Avington

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3/3/2020 PowerPoint presentation

3/3/2020 Word publication summary

January 30, 2020         Dr. Franda Clay

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December 19, 2019      Dr. Karma McDonald

Link to 12/19/2019 Webinar Recording

November 14, 2019      Dr. Jen Atteberry

Link to 11/14/2019 Webinar Recording

11/14/2019 PowerPoint presentation

August 29, 2019           Dr. Pamela Lindsay

July 30, 2019                Pastor Dr. Dana Peprah 

June 24, 2019               Dr. Simone Arnold

May 30, 2019                Dr. Gina Rhodes

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April 29, 2019               Dr. Kristina McGaha

March 28, 2019             Dr. Burl Randolph

February 28, 2019        Dr. Medgar Roberts

December 17, 2018      Dr. Summer Van Pelt

November 26, 2018      Dr. Jamie Munn  

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October 29, 2018          Dr. Jeanette Landin

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September 27, 2018     Dr. Nola Veazie

Dr. Veazie is a retired Air Force Veteran with 22 years in the fields of mental health, addiction counseling, training, and management.  She is a knowledgeable mental health/addictions counselor, trainer, and staff developer, whose experience working with organizations spans Federal, State, and local agencies. In this webinar, Dr. Veazie discusses how achieving her doctoral degree has helped her to achieve greater success in research especially in the counseling community.

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August 29, 2018           Dr. Deborah Hornsby

The focus of Dr. Hornby’s chat is “It all comes full circle.”  The doctoral journey rarely offers a direct, straight path to completion.  Nor does the achievement of a doctorate result in a singular avenue of professional or career opportunities.  For Dr. Hornsby, earning an Ed.D. helped her get back to the beginning. 

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July 31, 2018                Dr. Medgar Roberts

Dr. Medgar Roberts discusses his experiences applying his degree to the field of education with specific emphasis on contributions to research, school leadership, and additional opportunities afforded by his degree.

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June 25, 2018               Dr. Kristi Burtis

In this webinar, Dr. Kristi Burtis shares her passion about education, leadership, influencing change, conservation and research to learn more and protect wildlife.  For 30 years, Dr. Burtis has been an Ambassador for SeaWorld. As a supervisor in the animal training department at Sea World San Diego, she oversees a staff of twenty animal trainers and the training, research, and well-being of ten killer whales, other marine wildlife and animals. 

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May 30, 2018                Dr. Raymond Delaney

Dr. Delaney, an alumni, veteran, assistant professor, entrepreneur, and community activist/organizer, shares his successes and failures of obtaining a doctorates degree and learning to apply the knowledge acquired to a practical world. The audience can expect to learn about the realities of implementing the scholarship, practitioner, leadership model in the 21st century. Dr. Delaney will expound on techniques for proper planning and preparations for developing deliverables and outcomes while making a collective impact which will also include the power of internal motivation and emotional intelligence. Lastly, he will share personal experiences for staying disciplined, maintaining integrity, and delivering results.

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April 30, 2018               Dr. Daniel Roberts

For this webinar, Dr. Roberts, a 26-year military veteran, will discuss the opportunities he has been able to take advantage of since graduating with his doctorate as well as the support he’s received from University of Phoenix to enhance and build upon his research and scholarship activities.   

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March 28, 2018            Dr. Betty Diggs 

In this webinar, Dr. Diggs will discuss how she completed her doctoral studies at University of Phoenix and went on to use her doctoral experiences to help others in her work as a motivational speaker, within education, and to help benefit the lives of people in her community.    

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