Career Development in Higher Education (CDHED) Research Lab

Career Development for Adult Learners in Higher Education

  • Curriculum Development (alignment with the fields) [Started Jan 2020]

    • Team 3: Promoting Industry Alignment within Curriculum Development: Best Practices (focus group, survey, or qualitative)

[Team Leader: LauraAnn Migliore, Team Members: Jack Avella, Kristina McGaha, Patricia Akojie]   

  • Professional development [Started Jan 2020]

    • Team 4: Professional Development and the Mature Academic (mature here meaning mature in one’s career, possibly retired but now teaching)

[Team Leader: Karen Johnson, Team Members: Marie Smith, Wendy Akoi, Patricia Steele]

  • Partnership with industries [upcoming]

    • Internship 
    • Projects (dissertations)


  • Certificates [upcoming]

    • Certificate: Career Power Boost or Resource Sink? (identify where and when certificates are beneficial, and when they are not)
    • Best Practices for Certificate Program Creation in Higher Education